Friday, June 4, 2010

Show and Tell

First off, I really think it behooves me to show this recent shot of my Endless Summer Hydrangea.  Those of you that follow me on Facebook, might remember me making the statement, 'This Is A Hydrangea Year'. Seems like I read the signs well.  This little lovely is in my front yard, but it has a sister and brother in the back with as many blooms as well.  One of the lovelies has NEVER bloomed in all it's 9 years!  So, with great confirmation, I continue on with the claim: This Is A(n) Hydrangea Year!!!

At the last Garden Exchange meeting, I believe I mentioned that We Ladies of the Garden Exchange, passed the time perusing magazines. Sewing Sally brought with her three copies of MaryJanes Farm magazine.  And I was hooked.  I waited to see if anyone else was going to take some of the copies and when I was ready to leave, all three were still sitting there.  So I scooped them up, politely leaving one of them.  I have carried this copy to Cincinnati and back, reading it in transit and before beddy bye time.  Truly amazing mixture of sewing, fiber crafting, repurposing, organic gardening etc etc.....Also pictured are the nifty slippers that I do believe all my girlies might be needing this winter.  Better start now while swinging on my porch swing or in transit to all Good Children's Faraway Homes.  I certainly want to get a subscription to this handy zine.  I can see my children and pretend children getting a lot out of these recyclable (in more ways than one) ideas.

And What's This? What's This??
Fabric from last week's YardSaleExtravaganza with Eldest/Admin and The Vivien.  The Three of Us + Poppy, took on several highly rated sales, full of vintage toys, (a Lite Bright with tons of templates and all the colored pegs separated in little jars! ), lots of vintage sewing supplies and a couple of really amazing pieces of fabric.
Eldest/Admin agreed with me that this particular piece will make a dandy new bag for the owner of the Daffodilly Yellow bag, that as predicted, even with extreme caution, has become sadly dirty.  Another discarded belt with O rings from another belt and a handle has appeared. The lineny goodness of this 70's vintage piece has me all excited...
I even got all my yard doins done early this morning, mowing, trimming, sweeping and pruning an occasional (who am I kidding??) outlaw weed, all with the anticipation of sweating it up big time, showering, shampooing, eating lunch then off to the Sewing Room to see what kind of bag Vintage Linen wants to be....
Bet you can't wait either..(setting aside some of your weekend waiting, right?!)
Stay tuned.....


  1. Ooooo.....truly cant wait to see this bag! LOVE the fabric!
    Also, love love love the slippers and this magazine! me want. :)

  2. Those are super cute slippers! Congrats on all your fun yards sale finds :) Vintage toys? *drool* I should have you keep an eye out for old My Little Ponies!

  3. Ooohh! Now that I know, I shall be vigilant!! Another excuse to cruise the sales!!! :D


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