Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Girlies

Here they are.
My Sweetie Pie Girlies.
My Biggest Fans, Moral Supporter, Defenders, Encouragers, Rebukers, Audience, Best Friends
The Loves of My Life.
And here we see Baby Girl, Great With Child. And here is Eldest/Admin holding The Most Adorable Granddaughter Ever.  Do not try to argue this point with me.  I have affidavits.  I have witnesses.  There are professional Baby Observers that will state that this is true.
And here they all are in one sweet photo.
Let me tell you a little back story on The Maternity Top that Baby Girl is so proudly wearing:

The Maternity Top That Saved The Day

Once upon a time, long, long ago, (nearly thirty, Eldest Son!) a young mama to be had a very overwhelming winter.  Not only was she pregnant with Child Number Two, but she was recovering from a very virulent flu virus.  Not good for a Preggo.  Then to add to the fun, the sewer line to her house collapsed.  She had to move her grand, full, constantly peeing body to her mama's apartment, where she slept on the floor for two weeks, with a nearly potty trained little girl.  I say nearly, because while she was installed at mama's, Grandma, (Maga, to the little girl) decided to try to potty train her.  No stress there.  Her Hubby was working two jobs and trying to fix the sewer in the freezing cold and snow.  Sigh.  Ah, memories.  By the time Spring started to bring it's breeze of hope, Little Mama was growing quite large, getting closer and closer to her due date in late April/early May.  And as so often the case, Young Mama felt herself akin to a whale/elephant/dinosaur and really, really tired of her heavy corduroy/denim/wool jumpers that she had lived in for nearly 6 months.  As spring dallied around, the air fresh and breezy, Mama whimpered that she really needed some different to wear.  Something light, something pretty, something to get her through her warring self esteem issues the last six weeks of her 'containment'.  Hubby, Practical Man that he was,(is) could have argued that if I just toughed it out for a little bit longer or that it was just too impractical to buy a Maternity outfit so late in the day.  He could have, but his mama did not raise no idiot.  He knew that his Very Large young wife who was busy setting up a nursery and chasing a two year old, did not really need to hear practicalities.  She needed indulging.  So one day, one lovely spring day, he took her to the only Maternity Shop in town.  Her greedy, gleeful eyes scanned the new Spring Clothing line and she nearly swooned.  But finally, a sweet little top, one with a self belt for Post Maternity and the lightest fabric ever caught her eye.  She felt light as air and very summery in the sweet floral fabric. Young Mama came out of the dressing room, wearing a smile larger than her belly, Young Hubby, wisely, threw the budget out of the window and nodded in a appreciation and approval and drove home a very renewed and happy soon to deliver mama.  Young Mama wore that top during the next two pregnancies and even in between, the memories of it still making her smile.  Eventually, it was packed away with other memorable clothing only to be unfolded and unpacked when her eldest daughter first found out she was expecting.  Gladly, Number One daughter embraced the blouse, remembering her mama wearing it during her pregnancies and in between.  The soft fabric floated over her growing tummy and she felt rather nostalgic being able to wear it.  Then one hot summer day, she carefully packed it away herself only this time it was going to another home, not a box in a basement.  This time it was going to her Baby Sister, the one she had diapered and fed and babysat many, many time.  This time, it was her Baby Sister whose tummy was growing and who was uncomfortable in the heat of the season.  Big Sister knew just what she needed and she took it to her.
And you get to see her wearing it in the photo above.....
Little family legacies.
The End....(Hardly.)


  1. I love that their are five mamas from our family mentioned in this post, sigh, love thinking of where we have all come from and heading.
    Such a a great and sweet story.
    P.s. I LOVE the blouse!!! :-D!

  2. I loved wearing that blouse... didn't get to wear for very long (winter pregnancy), but giving it to Calin was somewhat of a "passing the torch" kind of thing... I was honored to do it!!!!!


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