Sunday, June 6, 2010

Simple Sewing SUNDAYS: First Edition: More Pocket Fun

Rarely throw anything away.  I know my kids shudder as I write this.  It will be their lot to have go through all 'My Stuff' after I pass.  The same garbage that I rejoice over, they will, I'm sure curse.  Maybe, now, if you see my stuff that you want, perhaps I should keep a log, so that after the reading of my will, a Forwarding List will be distributed.  People matched up with The Stuff. Seriously.
Anyway.  I digress.  Majorly.
The point is, Youngest Son threw away these cargo shorts eons ago and I ferreted them out of the trash.  Having no idea whatever I would do with severely ripped in awkward places men's shorts, I did know that the cargo pockets afforded me lots of thoughts of adding them to something in the Sewing Future.(not to mention all the buttons that can add up on a pair of cargo pants; no, no do not throw things like this away!) And that brings us up to the Simple Sewing SUNDAYS!  I cut from the edge of the leg of the pants, up to a decent size of a pocket for the inside of my Vintage linen bag.  Fold down 1/4" and press on top of pocket, as pictured in the first photo. Then fold down, again, 1 1/4" and press again.  First photo again. Stitch along all three other sides 1/2" from edge. Trim seam.  Turn folded pressed edge to right side and press again.  Fold on the stitching line on the three sides.  Press.  Top Stitch all around.  Handy First Sunday Pocket made.  Now on to the Second Kind.As mentioned, these cargo pockets are not to be left to die on the vine. P-L-E-N-T-Y of life left in them.  I'm thinking that my traveling yarn and hooks could be quite comfortable and tangle free inside my purse in this ample pocket.  All that was needed was a careful trimming away from the shorts.  I tried to rip them off with my Faithful, Hardworking Seam Ripper, but dang, those dudes were on there for keeps!  Not one to be waylaid, I just cut them.  Simple.  Just trimmed them tidily, grabbed the other freshly made pocket, and placed them on the bag lining, centering and lining up both pockets to their new usage.  The pocket was edged well and thick with layers so I didn't bother edging it; just pinned it to the lining and sewed it on, reinforcing the beginning and the end; the tops of the pocket.See!  One side of the bag lining has these cargoey and standard-like pockets....And the other side has the triple compartmented vintagey lineny pocket!Snazzy, huh?  Before the lining is attached to the outer bag, put on the magnetic closure, being sure to reinforce with some Peltex(some serious interfacing/stabilizer like product)

There you go.  Three dandy pockets for your purse carrying pleasure.  And on a Sunday!  Now, go rest.

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