Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Biding My Time Well....

I needed a place to keep Miss Dixie corralled while Bob the Counter Man worked in the kitchen yesterday.  Miss Dixie, Guard Dog that she is, does not cotton to Strange Men in her house.  She is pretty protective of her "Mom". If someone gets in between her safe parameter of the three feet that she allows, she will warn you of her displeasure.  And most of the times, I correct her; letting her know who is 'permitted'.  But workers in my home, strangers that I pass on a late dog walk, salesmen that think maybe it's a good idea to come to my door; she can bark all she wants at them.  No correction.
So, BCM got her corralled but not necessarily corrected.  I just decided that if I had to keep her away from the workers, I would just join her.  My upstairs sewing room would be the perfect place.  I could put the baby gate in the doorway so I could hear if BCM needed my input but yet keeping Miss Dixie carefully barricaded.  Oh, and did I mention that it would not bother me In The Least, to be absconded to my beloved Work Room?  With no interruption by the things of the world, since I had to be attentive to the Kitchen Progress.  Yes.  Nearly three hours to play with my fabrics and sewing machine, with my faithful, yet barky assistant, next to me, protecting me from who knows what. I had recently purchased Anna Maria Horner's newest book, 'Handmade Beginnings' for my newest Grandbaby's Mama to be.  Just as I went with Amy Butler's book for her big sister's pregnancy, I saw that Anna Maria was simpatico with Baby Girl's eclectic taste. I do believe I could start right through the book, creating beautiful things from Anna Maria's wonderful patterns.  I began my journey with the Early Empire Cinch.  Extraordinary.  Drawing attention to the Burgeoning Belly, not hiding it as in days past.  Wonderful idea!  Let's get that Baby Out There and Celebrate His/Her Journey from the Beginning!   It was with great enthusiasm that I started on my first project for Baby Girl's first baby. The thoughts that went through my mind as I created this wonderful accessory for My Second Grandbaby's Wonderful Mama.  I thought of all the ways that she would wear it, even after the pregnancy.  I thought of the expanding waistline and all the implications of it.  I thought of all the many sewing projects that I will have with and for my grandbabies.  I thought about all the many dresses that I had made for Baby Girl, real and dress up. The simple act of creating something with detail and practicality and good design for a celebratory occasion, certainly is balm for the soul.  I couldn't have been more content.  It was a good day.  First Item for the New Grandbaby.  New Counters.  Faithful Dog.  Room to Sew in.  It's all Good.

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  1. :D!!!!!!!! times an infinity.
    I love it so much!!!!
    Already picturing all the wonderful ways to wear it!111 :-D!!
    Thank you thank you thank YOU!!!1


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