Saturday, June 12, 2010

Simple Sewing Saturdays: Volume Five: Boo Boos

Just the other day, as I perused my closet, I noticed how many things that I own that there is that one thing about a certain item that is just not right.  Take for instance, the lovely linen print blouse.  Love, love the print and the coolness of linen but, dang, there is the problem of the too long of sleeves.  For ol' long armed me, that's saying something.  Rarely do blouses/shirts follow the end of my arms.  But when they do, they usually run ape like on down, down way to far.  And some sleeves just cannot be rolled up, neatly that is.  Such was the way of this lovely blouse.  Then it struck me.  DUH!  I sew!  I own scissors!  I make up patterns!  Should I really be undone by too long of sleeves?  Quicker than I thought I could move, I ripped the blouse off it's hanger and zoomed into the sewing room with manic delight, whacking off the offending length of sleeves to a neat 3/4 length.  Pressed up the hem, and topstitched the rough edge. Finito.  New Blouse Happiness.  What the heck took me so long?
Fresh from Sewing Victory, I'm now casting a vengeful eye at all my garments that might displease scissors are sharp and I riding on a Sewist High.....
Several years ago, I bought a slug of all cotton t-shirts, at a garage sale.  I don't wear t-shirts often; they are not the most flattering on ...ahem...aging ladies with arm issues....So, usually only around the house or hot days in the garden.....Yesterday morning, still packing my magic scissors, I walked the dogs with the aforementioned cotton t-shirt.  But something didn't feel right...Then I passed a store front window and saw an awkward length of shirt hitting me in the most unfavorable place.  Yech.  Once home and removing the dog's leash, I again, zoomed up to the sewing room, ripped off the shirt and once again, maniacally attacked another piece of my clothing...Whack, whack I gleefully cut away, smirking quite scarily....(as if me in my unders wielding sharp Fiskars wasn't scary enough..)  Ah Hah!  I proclaim and popped the shirt back on.  Still smirking, I went to the full length mirror in the bathroom.  Hmm. Maybe another mirror....Nope.  Too late.  Too much.  Too short.  Too horrible.  Yikes!  I've sacrificed my soft cotton tee at the altar of manic sewing!  I sadly took my too short shirt to breakfast, wondering if I should get some low riders and pierce my navel, to match my 'Brief Shirt' but quickly decided that another sewing remedy must be made.  In the midst of my homemade cereal, the light bulb went off and abandoning breakfast I went in search of my box of vintage trims/lace.....
Years ago, salvaging an old tablecloth, I removed this fringey trim, squirreling it away for the day when my too quick scissors cut too short a t-shirt.
Off goes the shirt and on goes the sewing machine and within minutes, a New Shirt is Born!  Covering all the things it needed to cover, and just funky enough to even be better than it started out!  Oh yes!  The Sow's Ear to A Silk Purse Award this week goes to the Fringey Shirt!!
Hubby comes in from work, does a double take and states, 'I like that shirt; where did you get it??'  I just laughed and laughed.......
All your sewing boo boos are new opportunities to showcase another aspect of your sewing ability.  Do not give up.  In the meantime, beware of quick scissors.....!


  1. One question: Where, oh where, do you store all this stuff??? BTW, love the tee.


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