Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden Exchange met at Rabbit Rita's this week. And what a treat we were in for.!...RR has amazing energy, resourcefulness and creativity.   Under her guidance and hard labor, her Forest Home has become a showplace for her landscaping skill. We ooh and aahed over the planting and the blooming going on amidst the towering tree neighbors that she has all around her.  It was beastly hot and humid and a portent of storminess was in the air, but by the end of the tour that ended us up by her lovely fish pond/fountain, we really didn't care. Then to outdo her gardens, we got to enjoy her refreshments, which included, for me, the first time to experience Cushaw Pie. Extraordinary. A lighter pumpkin type pie, perfect for summer. Here is a similar recipe; she promised to bring her personal recipe at the next GE .  The company was relaxing and entertaining and RR's countless stories of her travels, kept us all engaged and lighthearted.  RR also provided one of the sweetest melons that I've had this season as well.  Her homemade bread made the chicken salad special and yummy.....One of the nastiest storms of the season kept at bay till most of us were safe in our cars and homeward before it got terribly scary.  I was repeating thankfulness that I was in a Land Rover on the winding, flooding country roads, with trees looking like they might shed some pretty strong branches upon my roof.  I was busy praying for my other friends on their longer routes home....What we gardeners do for  the chance to look at plants, flowers and landscaping......

And I'm sure after eating Cushaw Pie, still warm, and viewing the Heavenly Blue Hydrangeas, you all would agree.......

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