Saturday, February 13, 2010

40 Years Ago Tonight

Call it kismet.
Call it lucky.
Call it providential.
We call it God's Sovereign Plan...

Forty years ago tonight, after meeting briefly at a basketball game that night and talking for hours on the phone that week, my future husband and I head to my home, courtesy of his cousin, my best friend...
The blurry sensation of emotion taking over, infatuation guiding my heart is still with me today as I reflect on that pivotal night..

Hubby has always been a gentleman.
Opening doors, pulling out chairs, walking on the outside of sidewalk, small considerate things.
So it made sense for this young 17 year old that had been raised right, to walk his date for the next night's Valentine Dance, up to her door.
It was a bit snowy and slick in spots.
I reached my front door with him close behind.
I turned around, he on the top step, me on the porch. Even in height.
He tells me good night and says that he is looking forward to the dance the next night.
Have no idea which one us drew closer first. I prefer to believe that we met halfway.
The fireworks of excitement that coursed through my 16 year old, never been kissed heart made me almost swoon...
During this rather lengthy meaningful kiss, a firetruck roared down the street, sirens going, lights circling the neighborhood, mirroring my inner thoughts and feelings....
My hand on the doorknob, I wave goodbye as he and his cousin depart down the driveway.
I stumble (literally) into my living room, sitting in the nearest chair by the door. A headache had been plaguing me for most of the evening (massive excitement!) and I ask my mom for an aspirin.
That's when I realized I could not even swallow, by heart pounding and my breathing so fast paced.
After choking profusely and having to listen to my mother and sister giggle at me and my obvious love sick condition, I prepared for bed counting the minutes when I could see him again......

Ahhhhh; young love...
Now Long Term Love....
Still embracing the roots of early love; enjoying the growth that it brought...

Happy Valentine's Day, Patcho.......


  1. Awww...that is such a sweet memory! Thanks for sharing :)
    Oh, and I have to say, the bell bottoms are really groovy!

  2. And that story is why all of kids have never settled for more than true... heart pounding love! <3

  3. I loved the story and the picture!!! I'm glad you're on FB!! What is this Mama's Collection?? It's it your new venture??? If so, I'm gonna have to pick out a purse:> I love you and miss you still.......Beth

  4. Glad my birthday has such a great reminder to both of you and for me of your love for each other.:)


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