Sunday, February 14, 2010


Oh yes.
Had a good ol' Valentine Dinner.
Our new friends, the TwoJoes, took us to Chapman's, a lovely local restaurant.
Pianist, silver, candles, linen, scrumptious food. And grand company. Snow falling outside and Roasted Amish Chicken with Pecan Sauce. Did I really get my camera out and take a photo of my Mixed Greens Salad?
You bet.

Other Yummies:
Crazy Dee, in appreciation for the covering of all her dining room chairs, Valentine Gifted me with this wonderful Brighton leather pocket tape measure! Do you think she has more fabric plans for me? She had it enclosed in this wonderful little red clasp purse, all of three inches wide.

A bit ago, I received my fabric orders for a Childbirth Conference in March.
Lots of seersucker from Joann's for my summer baby bankies....

Oh Yummy of Yummies!!
My fresh squeezed fabric order!! (check out the fresh squeezed fabric etsy shop)
Beautiful colors!
Soft, gorgeous material!
I have folded an unfolded this good good stuff just to handle it.
Then I get to actually sew with it!
Cannot wait!

I told you!

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