Monday, February 15, 2010

Boot(ie) Weather

In a scene repeated for the third time in two weeks, we once again embrace our Winterly Tools and fight the Gifts of Nature.
Hubby and I watched this amount start yesterday on our way home from Bloomington. Little did we know that when we said, in unison, Here it comes!, did we ever figure on 12 inches.
It's here and once again I do what comes naturally...
One more snowfall brings us closer to spring, Spring brings us closer to gardening and gardening makes me abandon the inside of my house for another few months until the heat of summer forces me indoors for respites.
Much sewing to accomplish and an Etsy shop to still start and more work on the book.
So snow on. (please forgive my selfishness)

Today's project:
Amy Butler's Cutie Booties.
Like most of Beloved Amy's patterns, I strongly desired more sketches for my poor non technical brain. But tis good practice for me to stretch it a bit every now and then.
Pretty, bright fabrics from Randi at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics made me forget the howling and blowing of snow off my roof outside my sewing room window. Brrrrrr.

Don't you love fun linings?

And here are the completed little Cutie Booties!
Adorable, huh?
(The second one was harder to do than the first. What?! Told you about that left brain situation I have)
Sunny, bright, fun addition to my growing inventory for the childbirth conference.

Unless I can be convinced otherwise.......

1 comment:

  1. oh my, these are just tooo adorable!!!
    is it weird that I want my own pair?! haha!!!


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