Monday, February 8, 2010

We Interrupt Winter to Bring You a Summer Update!

The date is set!
The location is secured!
The workshop subjects are nearly completed!
The theme for the weekend is in the works!
A mother's helper is promised!
All is needed is a list of attendees!!

I have room in the one cottage for ten.
Are you one of them?
Leave a comment or email me to secure your spot!
You will not be disappointed!
From Chicago, from Ohio, from New Hampshire (I wish!) from wherever you are now, plan for this summer !!

'mama's collection of friends'
First Annual Retreat!
July 23-25
Leavenworth Inn, Leavenworth Indiana
Creating: From Creator to Our Hands

Share your craft, share your heart, share your love....


  1. Count me (and perhaps my bed partner Gracie Beth)in for one of the nights. Hopefully this will be ok. I travel with an air mattress :0) I CAN'T wait!!

  2. Count me in too! Along with my little one of course :)

  3. I should be there!!!! Unless hubby takes us on another adventure to somewhere we don't expect again this summer....I would most likely come back early to make this event anyway though! :-)

  4. Summer sounds so refreshing as I look at the mound of snow surrounding my house.
    I would like to attend, but we are thinking about going to South Carolina the last week in July. We haven't decided yet, but I would like to work this in as well. Could you put me down as a possible attendee?


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