Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And On It Goes....

Ho Hum.
I believe it there was a text box over Miss Dixie, that is exactly what it would say.
No Walkies.
No sniffing her little world in our little town.
Good to be curled up next to Boss, but her little heart pines for the adventures of her twice daily walks.
And boy, do I agree.
Dixie and I are accountability partners. I give her the experiences of roaming around whilst tethered to her responsible owner and she makes me get up and out there every morning. We can easily cover 3 miles on a temperate day in the other three seasons.
In this inclement, we are bound to the areas shoveled and salted lest one of us takes a tumble that would render us helpless to each other.
And I have found that not many people take shoveling seriously these days. Today, we forged a path out amongst the populace only to find the street our only option. The downtown shopkeepers obediently have cleared a way to their closed shops, but alas, for the most part, homeowners are staying near their hearth.
In defense, what other walkers are out there in weather like this? Dixie and I are kinda lone wolfs these days in the walking world.
But a walk we had, and it was a nice, albeit messy.
Coming in, shedding my layers, wiping off mucky paws, and heading upstairs to the happy, joyful land of creating...
Summer blankies, three so far...

And a nice little stash developing..
Good way to banish the winter blahs..
Surround yourself with a promise of brighter days by drinking in the colors of really fun fabric..

Go ahead. Make something cheerful today.....

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