Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy Thursday

How does a Busy Thursday start?
1. Head off to school to turn Loving Tree into Wishing Tree.
Stop first at the library to get several St. Patrick's Day books to share with my Favorite First Graders.
(One little boy even complemented me on my new haircut. Gotta love first graders.)
Have each one of them tell us the wish that they had while they put up their Lucky Shamrocks on the Wish Tree.
Break your heart. 'I wish my brother lived with me'...things like that...

2. Turn into Nurse Ratchet to help Crazy Dee back to Crazy Health.
First stop: New Diet.
Big long list for her hubby so that we can implement immediately a heart healthy diet.
CD just happens to love veggies and fish so we are good.
Take her blood pressure, make sure the meds are ingested, stick her finger to test blood sugar and go hide all the Girl Scout cookies.
Prepare a fiber/iron/cholesterol helping breakfast cereal for tomorrow morning.
Make sure she's taking 'laps' around the house after each bathroom visit.
Arrange her multitudinous floral arrangements so that she can see them well from her vantage point.
Make sure my Nurse Hat that I made for the occasion is where I left it and out of reach of eager grand children's hands.

3. Tuck CD in carefully and back to the elementary school to pick up my little friend Lily for an evening full of seven year old activities:
a). Long walk with dog.
b). Get a fire going so that she can cook hot dogs for part of her supper.
c). Prepare the real supper which she ate as well. And a large apple, some grapes and I was impressed. Whew.
d.) Make snicker doodles. Eat a lot of the batter to boot. Don't you think mixing the dough with your hands just feels better? Certainly more fun when you can lick your fingers! What a girl!
e) Search storage for more tempera paints but ending up only using the blue that we could find. If you only got one color, blue is a good choice.

f.)Pack up the cookies and the little Paddy's Day pin I made for her while she painted my dining room blue and off I take her to her home where math problems await.
Math Problems are not allowed at her friend Debbie's house.
Just fun. Not that math isn't fun, Daddy Mike- Math Teacher. No offense.

My kind of day....
Full of friends, crafts, laughing, children...
Thank you Lord.....

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  1. She had such a good time, thanks so much for being her friend. She told me about the cookie making, she said "don't worry Mom, I washed my hands"


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