Friday, February 12, 2010

Treasure Trove!

Sweet Sharon, my neighbor down the road, recently gifted me in a most wonderful way.
She had a collection of magazines. Found in the attic of her childhood home when she was but a young girl and she has been the caretaker of these historical documents till she gave them to me yesterday.
They are amazing.
The ads, the stories, the photos, all freeze frames of a different time, quickens my heart rate and causes of sighs and exclamations to emit from my amazed self.
Take a look for yourself....

I believe I should have been born in the 30's! Look at this lovely home! I could move right in! Notice the dates on these beauties!

Can you read this date? July 31, 1918! World War I!
There is another edition on the 100th anniversary of the Civil War...Hubby is looking through that one....

Isn't this adorable! The photography is fabulous artistry!
And the name of this one! 'Pictorial Review combined with Delineator; rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

1960, 1937, 1926..
History in the day to day...
The full page ad singing the praises of Crisco!
So interesting...

And my favorite thus far...
The Camel Ad!
'To ward off fatigue...get a lift with a Camel!.....'I get a new feeling of well-being and vim. Camels never upset my nerves'....Words like: vim, lift, nerves, restored energy.....Wonder what fate those poor misinformed, misguided cigarette promoters met?

Oh, you haven't heard the last from these valuable documents....
Thank you Sweet Sharon!!!

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