Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Report

Lest you think that I have gone off my rocker, reporting of Panty Grapes and Sweater Carrots, I thought I would take a bit of a detour of my usual crafting/sewing reporting and take a dive into my literacy world this month.
My rule is to always have three books going at once.
I believe this strange philosophy/practice came from the days when I was nursing.
I would have a book posted at each nursing station and proclaimed the time mama/baby time. And for the marathon sessions, I was set. The world had to come to me or wait.
Got more reading done that way.
If my book was of interest to the younger set, I would read aloud. The whole Narnia series got accomplished that way.
That said, here is what I have been reading this past month:

As you know from a previous post, Anne Tyler's hot of the press latest book caught my attention. Finished it in under a week. Good for ol' ADHD Me.
In typical Anne T. fashion, her main character is full of quirks and revelations. All her books take place in Baltimore, her city of residence.
This book follows the chronicles of a hapless bloke, devoid of much interest in anything till he gets assaulted in his brand new location after years of existing in the same apartment. From this traumatic event, a series of other situations come into his life in the most unusual way. We see how this impacts his solitary life and what he learns.
Good read. Anne Tyler's characters are always endearing to me. Hmmmmm.

And while I'm sewing, I'm listening to another AT.
The Amateur Marriage is a sad one.
Sad in the reporting of a post WWII marriage and it's mistaken start and it's forsaken ending 30 years after the fact. Sadly, I believe many WWII marriages started and ended in the same way. Hurried decisions only to be altered by the shadow of the war in all their lives. Saw it in my own parents lives.
This is the third time I've 'read' it.

AND then there is this Gem of the Year!!!
(I know, I know; it's only February....but it will be hard finding a more entertaining, well written book. (okay, outside of pulitzers etc....)
Kaye Gibbons never disappoints me. Her Ellen Foster, The Virtuous Woman also is a favorite.
Youngest Son had this one in his possession and when I had finished Noah's Compass, lamenting as I do whenever I finish a good book, he reminded me that he had a Kaye Gibbons waiting in the wings.
It has taken me less than a week, reading in the wee hours when peri menopausal insomnia strikes.
Absolutely delightful tome about three generations of well read, well opinionated women under the same roof during WWII (a pattern?) The grandmother is absolutely wonderfully wonderful. A self appointed, rogue Doctor to her small rural area, respected by the actual doctors in the land and silent benefactor to many.
Her daughter, abandonded by a ne'er do well of a husband (having been warned by her wizened mama) is usually on the outside of her mother's and daughter discussion. The granddaughter, quiet, obedient and very smart, abandons the idea of college, even when the best are pursuing her, because of her love of her home and it's eccentric lifestyle...Then.....Well, you just have to read it...

That's mama's Book Report for now..
(Now if I can find just the right old green swimsuit to make some aspargus.....:D)

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  1. Thank you for the book reports! It is always nice to 'find' a new author. I have never read any Anne Tyler, but she will be next on my list. VUJC has a very nice library and I seem to have fell/dropped/plopped into a time period where they are purchasing loads of audio books. With a three hour round trip drive, let me tell you I am one happy camper!
    I can get so much accomplished with a good book being read in the background! Dishes take no time, and I scrubbed down the whole outside of the house one summer to Lynn Austin's Gods and Kings.


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