Friday, February 26, 2010

Adult Children: The Goal

I know I talk about my girls a bit.
They are extraordinary and talented.
And my boys thusly so. Both the birthed ones and the in law variety.
And when you have the little ones running around, especially the boysie type, you expect noise, danger and dirt.
Then one day, they are doing their own laundry, fixing up their own digs and then the ultimate grown up thing; choosing their completer.
Man, did I do great in that area.
Eldest Son has grown up into this highly skilled, extraordinarily patient and compassionate human that has had the astute wisdom to select a Godly, loving, kind, brilliant spouse to complete his life.
She even has become a Cub/Illini Fan to polish off the complete package.
And now the piece de resistance: the two of them have ventured into the wild and woolly world of service/ministry that shall take them out of their comfort zone.
And I am so proud of them.
Boldness in the Lord is always to be commended and encouraged in our children, so to see this in action, has made my heart full....
They have opened up their lives by becoming a host home in an organization called Youth Connections. YC provides housing for those troubled youths in transition in the legal/familial situations. Temporary care for children and teens while foster care is being arranged. A difficult thing; lots of emotion and change for these kids in the midst of huge alteration in their lives.
Their first guest came yesterday and will be with them till foster arrangements can be made.

I shall pray for this young girl as she shares the peaceful spirit that exists in Eldest Son and Lovely Wife's home...
May they all be blessed....


  1. So incredibly excited for them.
    Love them and so proud of them. :)

    could not think of a better home for teens in trouble to find rest and love.


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