Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Forward

New things around me are making the prospect of Spring that much enjoyable...

1. New windows! Clearer views and warmer rooms...
2. New curtains made last night to celebrate new windows...
3. And most importantly, my friend Crazy Dee is home from the hospital, awaiting a triple bypass next month. In the interim, my time here may be sketchy as I care for her nutritional, social and most importantly, humoral needs of the day while her hubby is away from her side.

So why should this matter to you, most noble reader??
Because all this newness has made me pine for another......

"Summer Tote Bag Giveaway of the Grandest Kind!!!!!!!!'

Yes! You read it right!!
Come April, mama's collection will reveal the latest design for summer wear!
Thanks to Tennessee Trish for her helpful input and the hour or so spent loitering at the basketball game last night, watching all the young girls and their stylin bags, I believe I have come up with a pretty dandy tote to carry into summer!!!

I can just see you now figuring out how to wangle this grand creation out of my thread stained hands.
Here is the deal.
In 721 words or more, let me know while you need mama's collection Free and Fabulous Summer Bag.
Send it via mamascollection127@gmail.comGive it your best shot.
Make things up.
Plead with me purse bankruptcy.
Send photos of your most pitiful summer purse and why it really needs replacing.
Tell me why owning a mama's collection is so important to you.
(Not that what you write will have any bearing on if you win or not; I just like reading!)
The drawing will be based on comments left on my blog in the month of March or fore mentioned email essay. The winning name will be drawn at random, probably by my Faithful Sewing Room Assistant, Dixie. Last drawing was conducted by The Hubby and he's probably still tired from all the hoopla....

So, get those thinking caps on!
Prepare you plea for the purse!
Bring on summer prepared and really stylin.......

Happy Springing Forward!


  1. Let's see...I could use a stylish, summer tote because...
    mine are all too practical. In fact, my tote is probably what all those girls at the basketball game should have been carrying--a backpack! :) Not that I ain't thankful...I am--
    after all, I gotta have room for diapers and wipes, kids' stuff, and that huge wad of money (hee-hee) that I carry around with me! (change, that is) :)

  2. I am the only mom in a group of highly fashionable twenty-somethings. In most cases, this has not bothered me. Why should it? I have the cutest kid, I get to listen to the new word everyday, and I get to kiss the chubbiest of baby cheeks every morning, noon, and night. This is not most cases, however. This summer I will be a bridesmaid which will include said highly fashionable twenty-somethings. For an entire weekend I am expected to be the un-mom. While it will be hard enough to carry on conversation that does not include cloth diapers, self weaning, and the cutest thing my baby did lately, it is going to be harder still to pull off the non-mom look. The key, for me, is not to go out and make the trendiest purchases...because frankly, that never was me. It would be more me to show up to this bride's onslaught of events sporting a very trendy, very handmade bag that will be the talk (and envy) of the bunch! I have also been in awe of what you do, being a novice, your work gives me something to someday aspire to!

  3. Oh I am soooooo glad that this will be a random drawing!! I have 6 entrants thus far and ALLLLLL their reasons are so good!! I can see me making free bags for all of them! Sadly, my Admin would not allow it.....! Thank you for your kind words AND thanks for entering the contest!!

  4. I would like to win this bag to give to my mother- Joan Ellen. God has given me much clarity and insight this year, and I am beginning to understand where she came from in thinking and actions. I have not been the best of daughters and she would never expect this. I enjoy surprising people, a better than beautiful, unique Mama's Collection summer Bag would be the best of surprises for a very nice mother that has been through so much this year.


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