Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day Diversions

If you were to wake up to the glare of winter light being reflected of a bank of brand new snow, what would you do?

I don't know about you, but I high tailed it to the sewing room to begin a day of productive creative,activity! No stopping to put on make up! Forget washing the hair! Whose going to come out anyway? Yay!
Nothing like a forced homeboundedness to make the most creative urges realistic.

Good time to Think Spring by creating some summer bankies for the childbirth conference booth next month...
These useful little lightweight blankies, a brainchild of Most Loving/Interesting Friend, have always been a huge hit with mommies with summer babes...Just a little cover for those night breezes or too much air conditioning...
Thank you, MLI for such a fun, useful gifting idea for new moms...!
Hmmmmmmm...Isn't' there a birthday coming up for Baby Girl?! Oh yes! And even though she has already received her gift, as promised, a mama's collection donation should reach her via snail mail close to Her Day on Saturday...
Happy, happy birthday Baby Girl!

Another belated birthday gift for Faithful Friend's baby girl; inspired by the 2G's mama; a Wristlet of the Crocheted Kind! Fun to make; the first crochet pattern I ever made on my own!
Ah yes!
Defy the stuntedness of weather imposed exile!
Get crafting!!

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