Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A New/Old Idea!

An old idea gone contemporary.
It all started with that Couponing Workshop in Dayton that Eldest/Admin and Lavendar Becca went to months ago.
Then they had to start proving it so cool by the scores of bargains they were making to reel me in.
Then I found myself stowing a few coupies here and there in my ample mama's collection's bag pockets.
Then it got out of control and coupons were cluttering up my life.
Some I needed for the weekly trek to good shopping in Bloomington so I didn't want to go giganto on coupon organizer/holder.
While perusing some options at Target one day, I slapped my forehead with my hand and said, "you goof! Just make one! You know you won't be happy till it is just the right material and size."
So I did.

Left over fabric from RP-New Friend's new bag.
Quilted left over when the dinosaurs walked.
A piece of random plastic found in the trunk of Hubby's car. (hope it has nothing to do with operational efficiency.)
Cutting it out to fit my size purse.

With the fabric still hot from the zoom of sewing machine, I immediately stuffed the New Coupon Holder with all my necessary values for the next northward trip.

Dress up the velcro closure with a rakish little vintage button and I am set on saving!
In more ways than one!!
Don't you need a protective holder for all your coupies??


  1. Awesome! Yeah... you would have NEVER found that at Target! :)

  2. wowser. Incredibly perfect. love it.


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