Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Snow; More Diversions!

My heart goes out to all those on the east coast Waging War with the Season.
Coming from a northern region, I understand the irritation and frustration of dealing with snow that comes in feet.
But to have it so unrelenting, back to back with the understanding that the stuff will probably be still there nigh into April, well, it's just overwhelming....
I understand.
And you have my prayers as you struggle with the day to day.
On a much less overwhelming note, we have had our little smattering of snow and cold temperatures. In Southern Indiana, we get a few days to complain then, poof, it's melted and a memory. So, while it is still tangible, best to make the most of Snow Days, knowing that they are few and far between.
Thank Goodness.
Today I cleaned off the Land Rover and faced the freezing north wind and made my way over to the 2G's and their mama's house. Two under three. And a dog and cat. Can you say Cabin Fever? Time to stir things up a bit and reach into my Winter Bag of Tricks! What did I do on those mama time snow days? I made bread and noodles!
Let's teach the 2G's mama how to make homemade noodles!
And let's dry them up high to keep from nosy little hands and hairy doggies and interested kitties.
And besides, it looks so dang cool hanging way up high, drying themselves,readying for the hot chicken brothy goodness that we prepared before making the noodles. Did I mention that the 2G's papa's favorite meal is chicken and noodles? Vedy Good.

The 2G's mama prepared ahead of time for our Wednesday Visit by having all that it takes for Root Beer Floats!
This is Grant's First Root Beer Float! The sudsy goodness made his eyes squint and caused his mama and I to laugh hysterically.
Floats are just fun. Even with the snow flying outside. Sideways. EEk.

Driving to my friends, via the library and post office, I went by my little friend Lily's house, only to find the only snowman that I had seen all this past snowstormy week!
I pulled the car over and snapped a photo of this rare sighting, all the more precious cause I could visualize Lily's little family all outside, having a grand time with their daddy, making a snow memory. Years ago, I remember waking Baby Girl up from her winter slumber, just to take advantage of a wonderful packing snow. We worked a long while on what I thought was the best snowman ever. I do believe Baby Girl still wonders about a mom that wakes up her sleeping child for the sole purpose of playing in the snow. As an older mom, I saw the dire importance of imprinting memories in a more intense way than perhaps I did as a younger mama.
And my heart still warms when I think of that snowy morning.....

May you be making memories today.....

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  1. when I think of the best parts of being home schooled, the video/picture of memories of that very morning is the first to come to mind. A memory that will always ALWAYS be cherished warmly.


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