Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ponderings of the Thread Kind...

In February of 1972, I began a job at a brand new fabric store, called Fabricland in Springfield Illinois.
I was 'in charge' of ordering some of the notions, thread and tapes etc.
I clearly remember the color numbers and that the small Coats and Clark's thread cost 30 cents and the large spool, 60 cents.
Today I used some of Auction Pauline Hill's thread that had a very faded sticker from Kmart stating, 5 for 1.00.
The thread had never been used and seem to run through my machine just fine. Didn't seem to be weak in the piece that I was working on.
So here is how my mind works:
As I unwound the thread from it's little slit on top that keeps it together, I began to think about Pauline and when she purchased this thread from long ago.
Was she wearing a lightweight cotton house dress that she had made the summer before? And why was she in Kmart? Surely this was before the Blue Light Specials. Did the Kmart of long ago, host sewing/craft sales? Was Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn on sale for 45 cents a skein that week?
Was she wearing her long braided hair wrapped in a bun or was she on the way to her weekly beauty salon appointment?
Did she wear nylons on that hot day? If so, did she use elastic garters that she could roll down to her ankles in the privacy of her sewing room?
And why did she need the thread? Another house dress? Repairing a skirt for her sister who is hard to fit?
Was her casserole in the oven or was she leaving it up to Earl that night? Was he going to use their homemade brick Bar-B-Cue that he and his brothers made the summer before. Did she have her potato salad made already? Was it stored in her Pyrex refrigerator bowl?
When she walked up to the cashier and they discussed the heat and the good yarn sale, did the checker notice the Evening in Paris talcum that she used liberally on stuffy days?
And when the cashier completed the sale on her hand cranked cash register, did she have to break a roll of pennies to complete the change to Pauline?

I warned you that I was strange...

Before I reached for Pauline's 'New' Thread, I was completing another spool of thread on my latest project...
Just how many miles of thread have I gone through in my 37 year sewing career?
And spools? Zillions thrown in landfills with my carbon blueprint on them.
Perhaps I better get another audio book...My mind seems to be going a bit silly....

Any way, here are some of my Thread Pondering Projects from this week...
Another ChristiWristlet....

Another Coupon Holder to match New RP-Friends New Bag!

Another Summer Blankie for the Childbirth Conference!
And a Friendly Owlie SpittyUp cloth for the craft show....

Yay Sewing! Yay Thread!! Yay Vivid Imaginations!!!

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