Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flore's Skirt

I heard of this organization via 'i have to say' blog' by Randi ( Sewing Seeds is a non profit, organizing sewists to ban together to sew skirts for the little girls in Haiti.
What a grand thing to do; bright,new skirts, new little skirts for little girls with no one to care if they have a swirly, fun skirt to make them feel feminine and special.
A lovely idea.
So I found a .99 pattern from Simplicity.
Ordered some lightweight seersucker for Haiti's oppresive heat and raided my extensive gingham supply from Auction Pauline's stash.

A sunny Saturday to make a joyful skirt for an anonymous little girl that I called Flore.
I prayed for her in the process of making her special skirt.
I prayed that in the wearing of this made-just-for-her skirt, that she would feel loved and cared for.
I prayed that she would know that someone in the United States thought of her and is concerned for her welfare and for the simplicity and joy that a little girl feels with a brand new piece of clothing.

As I placed my tag inside the waistline that says mama's collection on it, I realized that the chances of Flore having a mama, are slim.

Lord, protect my new friend Flore.
Made she be protected and safe and may she hear of You for hope, strength and love.
May she find peace in the chaos of her country right now.

And may she wear your grace as she wears her new twirly skirt....


  1. I love this.
    really really love.
    Oh! and I really love your new mamas collection photo! its perfect!!!
    did you take it?!?

  2. What a beautiful little skirt, and a beautiful idea too.

  3. Yes, adorable! Any way to attach a Bible verse of some sort for the little one?
    I love how you've got "a verse for the day" now at the bottom of your blog!

  4. just beautiful.

    i love your words "may she wear Your grace". what a perfect prayer for the little recipients of these skirts.

    thank you!

    randi i have to say


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