Monday, February 22, 2010

How Exciting!

Look! Look!
After last weeks inundation with snow, did I really think that, even though the calendar says that in Southern Indiana, little greeny things should be ready to pop up out of their winter's slumber?
Being a pessimist by birth but an optimist by second birth, I would have to honestly say that I didn't have a clue!
But there it was on Sunny Saturday!! Just waitin for me to scream in admiration as Hubby pointed out his green find, 'Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy' Lookie there!! It's coming!!! Despite the black snow, mud and slush, the beauty of a sprouting spring is a comin'!!

The reason Hubby and I were outside peeking around was the fact that this was the weekend for The Big Window Installation!
New Unique Dining Room Windows to replace the baggy saggy sad ole windows from the 60's remodel.
And how do I know that it was the 60's? ( early winter 1963 to be exact!) Well, it was from another archeological dig around This Old House.
Pictured here is a scrap of newspaper found in some holes in the insulation. I can see it now. Anxious to get the freekin paneling up before the holidays, you notice that the old school insulation that was available at that time, was lacking in completeness, you grab the Wednesday ads on the counter nearby, rip off a hunk, and cram it rather undelicately, into the gaping holes. Never mind that mice look for this kind of oversight all the time, or that, in time, the paper would get crumbly and lack the superior insulating quality it's known for, Thanksgiving was approaching and short cuts were in order.

So here is the ad I found in the bundled crumbling ball that was stuffed in a raging hole in the insulation. Chatty Cathy Dolls for 8.99!! As a ten year old in 1963, I remember ogling these dolls in stores and in the TV commercials. However, I was more a baby doll kinda girl and having the same comments made over and over really didn't interest me. I loved playing with them at my friends house, but I enjoyed my own commentary with my little dollies especially when my Next to the Oldest Sister would play the straight man for the comical conversation that my dolls were wont to have.
But I digress.

So here is the Wreck of the Single Pane Windows that happened in our dining room this weekend.
These windows worked okay for the 50 years that they served. You could see out of them but as soon as I moved in and allowed them to be opened most of summer, the rain's moisture had it's way with them. Warping and scaling were their undoing.

And here is our Best Window Installer and Interesting Person in General, Dustin of Indianapolis.
He never once critized my awful housekeeping habits as he unearthed forgotten corners of my dining room. Embarrasing, really. We did share recipes and he found out that I hang my homemade noodles from the ceiling.
A good weekend....
Quick! Go out and look in your yard for the promise of Spring and tell me about it!!! Hoooray!!!!

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  1. Don't you just living in a house with a history? If walls could talk....and in this case, they did! :)


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