Sunday, March 14, 2010

4X's the Joy

Not ever wanting to get too predictable, I bet you don't know what Four Times the Joy is referring to...
You may think, She just got back from being with her Four Amazing Children and Their Spouses and Grand baby so, sure, she's referring, once again, to the wonder that is her progeny.
You may think, Wow. Vivie must have gone overboard this weekend if she was Four Times the Joy! While true, she was 100 times adorable but I cannot even yet process the emotion I feel when just thinking of My Vivien, never mind reporting on it.

So you don't know me as well as you thought, eh?

Well never no mind.
Even this one surprised even me. And it's my life.
Didn't see this coming but am still in awe of the whole thing.

As you know, Vivien Claire's High Holy First Birthday Party was this past weekend.
All of the important personages in The Viv's life were there.
And Poppy and I volunteered to do the food and serving and clean up, cause that's just what we do.
One of my spiritual gifts is hospitality and Hubby's is service so you can see that as a package, we can be pretty handy to have around.
So when Vivien wanted a celebration, it was no difficult task to understand that we would do what we love to do: cook and do for the masses. Natural as falling off a log.
What was not usual was the response that we got from doing something very second nature to us.
And I will never forget it.

At four different times during the day, I felt an arm around my shoulder, thanking me/us kindly, heartfeltly and endearingly.
Not from my usual sources,the girlys; no, Baby Girl, Eldest/Admin, Lovely Wife, all made their customary, very effusive thankfulness at their parental units gifts.

No, this time it was my boys.
First up, Eldest Son, the king of appreciativeness and quiet in nature, he sidles up to me mid party, and expresses how much he/they appreciate what we do/were doing.
Stated in lovely terms, his thankfulness.

Second, Baby Girl's Hubby. Always a Man of Words and Emotion, He frequented the kitchen offering his service and appreciation as well. BGH's unbridled adrenalin has been known to run through creeks in a pouring rain, has also been known to be harnessed for The Greater Good and I love him more than my luggage.

Thirdly, Youngest Son, my kindred spirit son, my humor twin and my man of words, drops in on mom at the stove to let me know that he appreciates my/our works of service.

Fourthly. The party has died down to a murmur and the plates have been cleared away and the Party Girl is ready for beddy bye, when Eldest/admin's Wonderful Man, a man that I love to please and make laugh, comes to me at the sink, hugging me close just to tell me that he is so grateful for all we have done. WM is a man of proving but not exactly a man of words to his mother in law. His words were like jewels to me. He doesn't ever have to say a word to me, just proving himself by caring for ED and The Beloved Vivers. And believe me, he has proven over and over that he was the man for my Precious Firstborn.

How in the world do I have Four of the Most Valuable Men in the World within my tangible, practical life? (Not to mention Hubby...)

Thank you Lord for these Godly Men.
Thank you for them mirroring Your Incredible Love.
Thank you for the Warriors/Lovers they are.
And may the world be blessed by their existence.

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