Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring/Equinox!!

How do you celebrate the onset of Spring?
Apparently, around these parts, neighbors ring your doorbell with over five yards of yummy, sunny yellow and white seersucker, hand it to your butler/Hubby and tell you Happy Spring!
That is exactly how Neighbor Nancy gifted me yesterday! And I don't think it was even out of someone's garbage or her garage! How excited was I? Pretty dang, I can tell you. Spent a good part of the evening touching it, wondering of all wonders, what kind a summery fun I can make out of it!

Lest you think that I'm a Complete Social washout, without a thing to do except fondle seersucker, I'll have you know that I have quite a busy agenda on a Saturday night....
Like completely and totally fall in love with this living room in my latest Better Homes and Gardens.
It's been a long seven years since a paint brush has touched my living room walls but I kept holding out for something that I REALLY loved.
Found it.
I want that couch, those curtains and I'm thinking that bookcase looks pretty amazing as well...
Searching for that drapery material right after I'm finished with you....

Then, next on my busy schedule, I finished up my Tea Cozy for the conference this coming weekend. Crocheted a fancy shmancy ring to top it. It's good to have a dramatic pull so that when you remove the cozy, you say Voila! and present your hidden, hot tea (or casserole or Hubby's oatmeal in the morning)
Hubby has said that he feels like a magician when he removes the cozy off his Heart Friendly Morning Oatmeal.
This week, I placed a fake little toad (yes, I have those kind of things around my house) under the cozy and waited in the living room to hear girly like screams from an unsuspecting nearly 57 year old man (also , hoping that I wouldn't instigate a heart attack.)
However, Hard Nosed Hubby barely flinched. Just gave a friendly, 'Ribbid' and dug into his oatmeal. Guess living with me all these years, has taught him to be on his guard. Always.

The library has warned me, via email, that My Wonderful Book is due on Monday, so early to bed for me so that I can curl up properly to finish this interesting book. I'm a great Kaye Gibbons fan. This one is different but oh so good. It helps that Hubby and I have been watching Ken Burn's Civil War Series. The book's background thread is the Civil War and it's horror; good reference points.....

Then, because Hubby has a similiar busy Saturday schedule, he helped me figure out another one of Amy Butler's wonderful, insanely difficult pattern...

The sleeve was courtesy of his engineering skill and patience with the detail....

That wraps up my First Spring Weekend Saturday Night.
Sedation necessary?


  1. *gasp*... *gasp*... *gasp*... yeah... me like everything!!!! :)

  2. The living room is so you. Yes, I can believe hubby is not shocked by fake frogs with his oatmeal. Hey, he probably wouldn't be surprised by a live toad with breakfast.

  3. That living room is Awesome! I can see you in it sitting on the sofa sipping tea and reading :9


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