Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And Now a Word From Our Creator....

Look what I found lurking amidst dead leaves and wild vinca vines!
A teeny little snowdrop that almost forgot to appear!
I love it when you find these things in the midst of the winter's vestige.
Hope reigns.

The warm day and the little snowdrop interlude made me ready for more...
And what did I find?
Buds on my beloved hydrangea bush!!
Just the thought of the gorgeous multi colored globes got my little gardening heart a racin'...

Mosied on out to Hubby's Crab apple Tree (purchased one Father's Day when he was a bit crabby from overwork!)
After last year's lack of blooms, I fretted that perhaps it was on his last legs..
Alas and Alack!
The blooms on this little tree are wonderful...
Dare I hope for some this year?

And of course, last but certainly not least, my happy little jonquils, heralds of spring, Easter, Hope, Passover, Resurrection..
I love this variety because they look they are riding the wind, with their little yellow tresses, blowing backwards....If you look carefully, you'll see the little grape hyacinths shyly hiding in the background...Just 5 hours later and much sun, these little guys were standing much higher...The encouragement of the Sun/Son, right?

Ah, spring; my favorite....


  1. It truly is the best.
    Amazing how our creator made this time of year that just gives something inside you that hopes. Hopes for a better brighter day with each day.
    I think He knew what He was doing... :)
    something about it all about brings me to tears at the indescribable happiness that this time brings to me, and that if it would arrive one week later every year than I dont know what I would do.
    How Great is Our God.

  2. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy reading your blog. I never miss an issue, and am still smiling over Methodist Moments. Thanks for sharing. God had given you amazing gifts.


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