Monday, March 8, 2010

Having Yes Men(women) Around You...

Baby Girl and Her Beloved Hubby made a pit stop while they were in town yesterday for a family celebration on his side.

And this is why I love to see Baby Girl:

1. Oh, mama, the house smells so good. (really fear having a smelly house and with having a dying cat, long haired cat that is allergic to herself AND a busy puppy, one's concerns are not unwarranted)

2. Oooh, mama! I love your new haircut! Looks great! (one thing you can say about my kiddos, they can deliver a great compliment!)

3. Beloved Hubby says, 'you guys look great! How are you??!!', followed by big hug.

4. Baby Girl watches me in the kitchen where I am preparing their enchiladas, 'Mama, are you losing more weight? Your legs look so thin!' (of course, the only place I lose weight is in my legs, thanks to Miss Dixie)

5. Baby Girl says,'Look at you and your thin little waist! My, don't you look good, mama!' (by this time I'm giddy by the lush praise in so little time, without any of the usual prompts by me.....)

And this was in less than 15 minutes in the house....

Man, I miss having this girly around more often.....


  1. she's pretty good at this. I would have to agree that one of her spiritual gifts is compliments (if that is one, and if not it should be).

  2. Cal,

    Feel free to stop at the Shetler homestead next time you and Landon come to Mitchell ...



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