Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Craftiness

Kinda see why I believed our little Miss Vivien needed a Birthday Crown, right?
She just is a crown kinda gal.
So Grammy prepared long ago for her Birthday princessy chapeau. Pulled out all my best stitches and glittery vintage sequins for my sweetie pie.
And thus set the precedent for her Crafty Birthday.....

First of all, she needed a cake.
And not just any cake.
An owlie cake for our little hootie owl. The little girl that has hoohooed since she was itty bitty, thus compelling her mama to call her her little owlie.
Flickr provided the most amiable owl cake ever. Simple, even a traveling grammy could handle it.
So I did.

Of course, Vivie needed a summer play outfit with owlies on it, right?

Then Pretend Daughter Kris in all her 'spare time' thought that she should dust off her ol sewing machine and make Miss Viv a snazzy Mod Dress courtesy of the Sewing for Baby book.

Miss Viv appears to think that the Owlie Cake taste just okay.
(it was her first foray into sugared desserts; maybe it might steer her clear of all other attempts huh?)

And finally, here she is with her little Cake Eatin' Onesie on that her mama embellished with a dandy little mama knitted cupcake...
Aren't they two pretty girls?

Crafty Birthdays. Love em.


  1. What a great collection of pictures to show off the day! MISS Vivien (not princess Vivien, but on her birthday we can make an exception - HA!) is extremely grateful to everyone who took part in her special day... if was the grandest of the grand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a great day! Thanks for sharing!

  3. And what a grand day it was!!!!! Looking forward to all the celebrations in all the future years!


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