Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Corners of Ireland

You had to know that I would have a shamrock plant, right?
Try to have one going all the time.
I believe this one is on it's third year.
My father in law had a ginormous one that I loved. That thing lasted forever.
I love their fragile stems and perky foliage and their sweet little blooms.
Keep her watered and sunny and she'll be around for a long time...

Molly McDougall comes out of the china cabinet every March to oversee the March Celebrations. She's a pushy Irish lass but she keeps us merry...

One of my prized possessions is my very large Waterford Jar from Hubby's Aunt Peg and Aunty Anne Shaughnessy's bestowment. Before the wonderful duo left their large apartment (a blog unto itself), they sorted all their beloved things into separate boxes for all their nieces/nephews/grand nieces/nephews, matching up the item with each recipient.
This lovely was in our box. It had a tragic crack years ago that I will not speak of, but I keep it cracks, chip and all.

Another piece of their Waterford, matching candlesticks. A small mustard jar completes my Waterford collection from the aunties...Did I mention that Aunt Peg lived to 107 years old? Actually, her funeral was the day of her 108th....
Amazing woman...

These wonderful, whimsical ivory elephants have marched for decades. The aunties told us that Hubby's daddy loved to play with these fun guys....There is a few tusks missing and some 'repaired' with scotch tape..Bet Papa Si didn't so much as get a hand spanking when that happened...:D

And look who I found way up high on my laundry room cabinet?
The Goosey Couple! Actually, a triplet passed away several years ago; aggressively played with by one of Papa Si's wonderful grandchildren....Inherited roughness?
The Goosies are happy in front of my Grandmother Sommers' sewing box. Many a day I played with the expandable drawers, drawn to the accoutrement of a sewist.
Where my sewing lust began.....
Hope you enjoyed your tour of mama's Ireland!

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