Monday, March 1, 2010

MARCH-ing In!!

Of course one has to have a St. Patrick's Day door decoration.
Firstly, my Hubby's name is Patrick, Irish Catholic, born in the area of March with St. Patrick and St. Joseph. Hence the name, Patrick Joseph.
His great grands came from Ireland toting an extra letter in the last name.
Ellis Island saw to it that there was to be no further baggage and promptly discarded the unecessary 'e'. To this day, I joke when people want to put that superfluous e in, I state that we could not afford the e so it was dropped years ago. (Thanks Skip!) Of course, I came from the Murphy Clan, with my mother toting the Irish surname of Sommers as well. And I have freckles; my dad had red hair.
So every year we pull out all the stops to make sure our St. Patrick's Day celebration is grand.
One year when the children were small, we had our own little parade. Another year, I darn near had Youngest Son on the day, settling instead on the Ides of March, much more appropriate for my Shakespeare loving son.
It is a fun holiday that demands that we include all our friends into, the Irish and the Nons. We make believers of naysayers regarding Irish Soda Bread, Corned Beef and Cabbage and all things green. Quite a few converts have exited our door way.

This month, I will focus on the proper way to celebrate a grand Spring like holiday like St Paddy's and gear ya up for the rest of the Spring Ritual at the Cory's.

Find something green to decorate your door with.
This year my Electric Shamrock pooped out on me so I had to grab some English Green Satin to wrap around the frame.
Something tells me my impoverished, Irish famine survivors ancestors would be very proud of my thrifty ways......

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