Monday, March 29, 2010


No, I am not Jewish.
But since 1989 my family and I have celebrated Passover.
It has been our untraditional tradition and we love it.

I think if you ask my children, I think they might tell you, that the celebration of Passover was preferred over Easter. Actually, around our house it was more emphasized and certainly participated in more enthusiastically. There is no commercialization of Passover other than the occasional card, which is a plus for our Christianly Non Conformist ways. The children loved that they were an integral part of the Seder(the order of the dinner) and that, historically, it was the children that carried on the message of hope that is central to the Passover.

Passover changed locations each year. We have celebrated in our homes, in churches and in friend's homes. We have packed up the collection of Seder accoutrement's, the Seder plate, the matzoh tosh, the afikomen, the Elijah Cup and all the other packed carefully away 'equipment' that goes with a proper Seder meal. Hubby and I love to share the joy that is intrinsic with the fulfillment of the prophecy and the symbolism that is abundant in God's revelation. I have lost count on the number of 'spin off' Seder's that have become traditional in other's lives since our first dinner twenty one years ago.

We would start out the Passover week preparation by cleaning for our guests. (We got to bypass this one if we were hosting elsewhere!) This step is very important to our Jewish counterpart; cleansing their homes of leaven was important for the anticipation of their Messiah's arrival. At a Fulfilled Seder, we know that Messiah has come and has died for our transgressions and our sin is covered for eternity.
Next, we would unpack all our equipment and decor. The brass candelabra would get a good polishing and all the linens would be laundered and pressed. The table would expand as we placed all the leaves in the table. The biggest pots and pans would be utilized for the feeding of the masses. In Church hosting years, friends would be recruited for the day for meal prep. My children looked forward to spending the day at the church and playing around with their friends, as mama and her wonderful friends happily cooked turkey, tzimmes, charoseth, roasted eggs and passover cheesecake. They loved seeing the transformation of a simple gym, Sunday school class or sanctuary into a festive, candle lit, flower be-decked table, gleaming with silver, shining brass and china and crystal. And they had a big part in it.

Every year, Hubby and I were blessed in the hosting of the Seder. A new revelation through the doing of it would be awe inspiring. People that never before contemplated the prophetic fulfillment of the message of the deliverance of the Jews from captivity and how it applies to those who follow Christ, would be thrilling for us. Hosting Jewish friends, who for first time, could see the message of Messiah Christ in all the symbolic foods, to the children who participated and could see clearly that Jesus was who was spoken of in the matzoh tosh, the afikomen and the Elijah cup, warmed our hearts.
This year, our blessing in the Passover is that Baby Girl and Her "Birthday Boy' Hubby, will be hosting their very own, very first Seder on their own! Mama has shipped the Haggadah and all her recipes to her an they have purchased purple linen to decorate their large banquet table at their friends apartment. My heart thrills for them as they celebrate this wonderful tradition in 'their' home and amongst their friends.
The tradition continues....

Shalom, my friends and may you be blessed this Holy Week....

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