Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning, mama's Style

Now that you're all settled in and comfy, I shall regale you with tales of cleaning that will take your breath away.
Tales of heroic furniture moving and concoctions guaranteed to knock out any bacteria cozying in after the long winter.
Stories of white glove approval throughout the entire house to make a mother in law swoon.

April Fool.

If your looking for tips, hints and encouragement to cleanify your winter weary home, you really have come to the wrong blog....
There was perhaps a time, long ago, when I thought that perhaps to be approved, accepted, nay I say, 'saved' that a clean, sanitary, sterilized home was imperative.
While I am no piggy, I certainly have upped my priorities to the point that 'Spring Cleaning is pert near the bottom of the list.
I can be calmly cluttered and comfortably clean, my days of obsessiveness are over.
Spring now means to me to hit the garden.
To plan a comfy outer living space to encourage dawdling and conversation.
The inside during the spring/summer is just a place to prepare food and use the facilities.
So imagine my surprise that a glimmer of that Former Spring Cleaning Personage showed up at my home today!
He must have snucked in with my new Favorite Window Installer, Dustin.
I do believe he released some sort of Perky Cleany Up amoeba into my water.
Soon after his arrival to install four new windows, I found myself laundering my ebay found Pottery Barn linen draperies. And Ironed Them.
Then I got an actual bucket of scrub water and cleaned all the areas that he had to turn topsy turvy for the install.
The Old Obsessive just could not stand the thought of putting yucky things around my new acquisitions.
After scrubbing was done, it was clear that some trim painting would be needed as well.
Did that too.
Only thing I didn't do was wash the windows.
Know why?
Because WI Dustin cleans the windows shiny clean after the install!

And I think he does a pretty tidy job, right?

Now for all you poor unfortunates that do not have a Dustin in the Window Wings to clean your filthy windows, here is a really good homemade window cleaning recipe I used 'back in the day'.....

1/2 cup sudsy ammonia
1 pint of common 70 percent rubbing alcohol
1 tsp dish washing detergent
Enough water to make a gallon in all.

In an empty plastic gallon bottle, combine all the ingredients. Then pour some into an empty spray bottle and you're all set. This also will clean fingerprints off walls, windowsills and the like. Also good for mirrors and the glass on pictures, glass doors on fireplaces and telephone receivers.

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