Thursday, March 11, 2010

Methodist Moments

On the second Thursday of each month, from September to May except for January (and maybe February), The Mighty Women of The Methodist Church feed the town.
This is their ongoing fund raiser for a myriad of projects and I think it's dandy.
Where else can you absorb enough local atmosphere (outside of the City Council Meeting, but that's another blog) AND good, good food?
You can bet my calendar is always marked for The Methodist Thursday Dinner.
Today, I was bereft from any companionship, but never no mind, I could go solo just cause I love it so much.
Today I got the ham and beans and cornbread, something I rarely cook and would never order in a restaurant, but there, it just seems right.
I also got a to go order for Crazy Dee- baked hamburger and the trimmings -5.25. Good huh?

Did I mention The Desserts that these ladies create? Pies to die for but today, this particular mint chocolate chip cake was calling me. The Kind Methodist Lady behind the dessert counter asked me what my dessert pleasure was and I told her about the conversation the cake and I were having, she nodded, and said, proudly, 'you know, Phoebe made this one', like it would make a difference or more valuable, or that I would even have a clue who Phoebe was, not being affiliated with The Methodist.
But this is Mitchell and of course I knew that Phoebe, one of the leading benevolent citizens,is indeed noted for her desserts. So I nodded affirmatively, and handled my dessert just a bit more carefully than I would if I had no history of it's pedigree.

Here is some of my Lone Luncher Observations at The Methodist Luncheon Today:
* The festively decorated (St Patrick's Day,of course) lunch room was a sea of silver, gray and dappled hair, this luncheon being a outing of such for all the older citizens of our little town. They so look forward to a lunch out with home cooked food. And desserts, don't forget.
* Conversations drifted across my listening ears, mostly discussing gall bladder surgeries, flu recouping, cancer threats and the thankfulness for a pleasant day for an outing.
* Several of my Garden Exchange ladies stopped by to see if I had planted anything yet. We discussed the rate of growth of our Spring Bulbs and I assured the Head of the Exchange, that I intend to host this year. (a thing I sadly neglected last year)
* My 90 Year Old Poet Friend was there, obviously recovered from a rough patch of viral issues post Christmas. Reported that I wouldn't be at Fleur de lis this coming Monday and stated that I hoped that she would be up to it...
* I had mentioned when I ordered my food, that I would eat mine there (I had to keep that cake from Crazy Dee) and that I would pick up CD's order on my way out. Before I finished up, here comes my hot to go order, delivered to my table. That's just the way they do things.
* I stopped at the Pastor's Table to tell him of an upcoming Youth For Christ Banquet and invited him for our table. He thanked me for the information. Pastor's must get these kind of things all the time. Especially during meals.

So once Crazy Dee was given her lunch and checked in on, I found my way homeward to take Miss Dixie on a pre rain walk.
Sated, prayerful and content, we took an extra long journey in anticipation of being stopped by rain later.
And what did we see?
This lovely scene of randomly scattered crocuses in full bloom, parked next to this hollow tree that crazily blooms each year...
And who does this lovely scene belong to?

Phoebe, of course!!
And I knew it because I live in Mitchell......

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  1. haha!
    "And I knew it because I live in Mitchell...... " that should definitely be a more used quote on your blog. haha! :)
    getting all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about being with my dear family and my dear friends for a day! cant wait!!!!!


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