Friday, March 5, 2010

Back to School!

Time to take some more of my Irish Good Will and spread it around.
This stop, The Elementary School where I make my weekly visits and add to the glue usage quota of the county.
By now, the children are aware that Ms Deb packs enough construction paper, glittery embellishments, yarn and puffy fringey balls, to make any holiday more festive.
Today, I ransacked my Auction Pauline stash of vintage shinys to make my little friends happy with their handmade shamrocks.

How these little mock leprechauns manage to take the same equipment and in a very short span of time, make something so sweetly unique, always amazes me.
I love how they bring them back to me full of positive reinforcement of their craft capabilities.
I always giggle at their own touches on a basic design.
And their memory.
They remembered quite a bit of an Irish lore book that I read last week, including the colors of the flag of Ireland, a point that their beloved teacher had forgotten.

Ms. Deb had to bring in her shamrock bearing curtain to frame out our Wish Tree in the hall window.

I love how proud of their little room decor and how a relationship has started with the students and I over a very simple project that they now see as theirs.
Take some simple gifts and time to your local school and watch the magic....

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  1. You're making memories and sharing love, Deb, that I doubt these kids will forget. What a wonderful way to reach into the lives of precious children. I'll pray God will open doors for you to somehow share Jesus with their families as well! I just love how you use your creative gifts for the Lord, reaching into people's lives whichever ways you can, for Him!


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