Thursday, March 4, 2010

What It's All About

This happens to me.
I receive a fanciful package, usually a cardboard box with odd shapes jutting out.
They are the best kind of gifts.
Thoughtful. Unique. One of a kind.
And full of love.

My In the Know Friends, know that I love the things that most people throw away. Or should be thrown away. But,no my dear friends think of me right before a rogue box of somethings is ready to be dumped into the garbage.
Neighbor Nancy has left in my back yard:
1. A bird bath pedestal
2. A used dining room chandelier
3. A yard roller
And I personally stole a piece of old drain tile next to her garage.
All these odd things have made their way to my garden and pergola.
It entertains her and thrills me.
See how it works?
And this has gone on for years throughout many stages of friends...

So it came as no surprise when Faithful Friend showed up at my door on our Date Night with the flowerfull old shoe box with tissue and porcelain spilling out, that I was the least bit surprised. She had helped her grandmother move and the oddities that no one knows what to do with, was just waiting for FF's pretty shoe box, ready to gift me for no particular reason other than the secure thought that Gma's treasured things for which she no longer had room for, needed a home.

My wonderful friends know how I thrill at the prospect of junk.
At the potentiality of an assortment of renegade china and cloth. You know, things that have stories...

I love my friends.
Faithful Friend, Kindred Spirit Friend (the first re re re gifter; Amazing Things she has given me; some direct from garbage cans;some laundered; all treasured) Crazy Dee, Neighbor Nancy, Sweet Sharon,Old Friend, Most Loving/Interesting Friend, 2G's Mama, Lovely Wife's many know me well....

Treat your friends well.
Especially if they know what you like.....


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! What a nice day when you can have some tea in such awesome China! I never even thought that we would ever have any China, then an awesome friend bestows a box that she was going to donate and low and behold! I own China! Yeah for another man's trash!!! LOVE IT!! I mean I really love trash! :0)

  2. Trash, beautiful trash! Only in a country like blessed by the LORD over the years with such abundance that even our trash is amazing! :)
    May He see fit to take the earthen clay that we are and use it for His glory--Jesus is the hope for the trash we make of our lives!


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