Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Vivie is One Today!

Can you stand it?
I know that I cannot look at this picture of my 'girls' without getting a little misty eyed.
This amazing duo that is my legacy to this old world.
Especially on this day, Vivien Claire's First Birthday...

I clearly remember Eldest/Admin's First. I remember being overwhelmingly amazed that I survived the roller coaster of her health travails and that she survived my newby motherly skills.
I remember gathering all the people for her first birthday to thank them for being there to help me throughout that long, amazing, traumatic, wonderful, exciting year.

And now I get to be a part of my girl's girl's first birthday celebration!
What a blessing! What joy! A true God thing...
Eldest/Admin was not supposed to have children you know..
The odds were against her from the time she was tiny..
In her crazy odyssey of hip problems that came with a six inch high stack of medical reports that included an inordinate amount of xrays, the docs then were concerned about how the abundance of xrays on her teeny tiny ovaries could effect her procreation. They warned us to not be over fearful of it; just aware.
And in due time, we informed her that there was a real possibility that she could have trouble conceiving/retaining a progeny.

And I have a dusty pregnancy test on my dresser that was one of the twenty or so that Eldest/admin took that now long ago summer week when conception was suspected, that laughs at the anxiety that quietly plagued me when EA started her journey to motherhood.

This weekend when all the grammies and poppies on both sides, all the aunties and uncles and young and old friends gather to celebrate the wonderful little person that Vivie is, I will silently thank and praise My Father in Heaven that brought us to this celebratory time....

Happy Birthday, my sweet Vivien! Grammy loves you sooooooo much......


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