Monday, March 15, 2010

' Quarter of a Century, Makes a Guy Think..."

Pretty adorable, huh?
Youngest Son and his introduction to his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Apparently, it was toe curling good...

Today marks his Silver Anniversary on this earth.
And am I ever glad of his arrival in my life.

YS is of a different breed, hears a different drummer, a one of a kind creation that I have had the pleasure to nurture in his childhood and to walk along side him in his adulthood. He is my neighbor, logistically, my kindred spirit, artistically, my brother, spiritually and my entertainer, humorically. He explains movies (and LOST) to me, gives me reading lists to accomplish in my life, music that I would never consider (Tom Waits,Leonard Cohen) becomes understandable with his help...
He is the first in our middle class family to have graduated from college.
YS is the toddler that tested us for all we were worth but turned out to be a compliant young man, understanding that knowing the lay of the land was important for survival.
In the midst of his incredible humor, he is melancholic. In the midst of his firm convictions, he is tender to issues of the heart. A quiet spirit with a well timed comment. An even temper with an internal volcano that is best not to be disturbed.
The man is jam packed with ironies. When he is absent from family events, he is missed terribly; we tend to wait for his commentary and insights and when it's not there, we are lost.
We all await his strong shoulder rubs and marvel how he knows exactly where our 'knots' are.
His sensitivity literally runs out his fingertips...

So, today we Thank God for the person that he is.
And we embrace his ironic, quirky, unique, creative, loving, funny spirit...
Happy Birthday, Jordan..
Thank you Lord....

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