Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Art Gallery in My Home

When my children where small, I utilized the plastic white tile that covered my kitchen as the backdrop for their artwork. Every square inch of space was covered in their drawings, paintings and crafts. Children visiting knew that they would get posted after creating something that was singularly theirs.
I enjoyed having a place to encourage burgeoning artist in their craft. Some children that would sweep through our halls had never been introduced to the joys of tempura paints and the mystery of color mixing. Some of them would even check by later to see if their artwork was still hanging in Mrs. Cory's kitchen.
Seeing the benefit of this kind of showcasing, I became fearless in utilizing my home as a display venue to all kinds of artwork.
Even my own nutty attempt.
Back in the 70's when a certain normal (read: boring) decorating mode, required lots of Mediterranean furniture, plastic shelving units and avocado shag carpeting, my heart raged against it. In our first apartment, the walls were normal off white and very tall. The white expanse was pretty cold and clinical to me and I sought an inexpensive way to counter that: I bought yards and yards of colored burlap (.79 a yard then AND I have a fabric store employee discount! :D) I placed the yardage at stripes on two walls of our living room. Warmed it up immediately. Elders of that time would look quizzically and critically at such an avant garde approach. My peers thought it daring but not for them.
And still I'm at it.
Drawing on my walls at will.
One day, Baby Girl came home to find a tree painted behind the toilet in our downstairs bathroom. Her response: 'Mom! What the heck?? You're drawing all over!:

So today on the first installment of Art in My Home, we will gaze and laugh and point and stare at Deb's Inexpensive and Expressive Attempts at Art and Decor.

Cheap dollar general clock.
This will not do!
Expand and recreate! Make a sun in the 'garden' bathroom!

Mirrors can be expensive and when there is one that is perfectly good, how do you make it work? Make your own frame by painting one around it!
Use paper napkins and decoupage around the mirror and add your own 'gild' around the edge....It works! (I also turned the lights upside down to update the sconces that were already in the house then added lamp shades....)

Paint your door red! Go ahead! Whattya got to lose? It's just paint! (my motto) Primer was made for people like me! And if your room needs warming up, over the very warm red entrance, a bit of flourish always adds interest...

And if it looks swell over the door, it should look good over the window on the stairway that has one of Baby Girl's Hubby's cottage window that he sold me years ago....

I have neither the talent or the expertise to make stained glass.
But I love it.
So I collect pieces of glass that I find and use acrylic clear glue to place these pieces on my window. Same affect. The setting sun adds to the craziness of this little bit of whimsy.
(Okay. so no primer will cover this little spur of the moment 'artwork' but isn't it fun? Plain windows can be so, so so....plain.....:D

And lest I ever forget my days of Curator of All Children's Artwork, I always try to keep a fresh supply of little peoples artwork nearby.
This little sweetie is my friend Will's first attempt. Will will be one year old soon.
Keep on drawing, Will!
Come to my house and paint!
Even on my walls!
No one will notice!!!

Tomorrow: Original Art: Yes, You Can Afford It!


  1. I always have admired your 'uniqueness'! You know that picture of your red door made me homesick ;)LOL!!!
    Thank you for the kind words about Buster.

  2. Aww, my little sugarbug's artwork has made it to the world wide web!! How very cool.
    We had such a wonderful time visiting with you and the girls! SO nice to finally meet my adoptive mama. :)


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