Monday, January 25, 2010

This and That

You know when you go to a conference and the host or the master of ceremonies or some such person announces: 'We do have some housekeeping issues to go over before we continue ...'
Well, this blog has some 'Housekeeping' issues to go over before we have the Art Gallery tour later this week.

To commence:

1. Comments: Many people (ok. a few people) have emailed me with questions about commenting on blogs. Let me share with you some technicalities of comment blogging that I have learned: I mash all the buttons till it works. That's it. I have a google account. Simple. Free. User name and password. You don't have to really use it to have one. Free, remember? I select the google account when commenting and voila! All my googley things come up and makes me recognizable to whatever system I'm addressing. Sometimes I press preview and some squiggly letters appear to be deciphered. I do that and go on to the next step, whatever it is that they tell me. Sometimes I just press publish and all goes well. Other times, not. Crazy system so I suggest mashing all the buttons.

2. The Retreat Thingy has a name! 'Mama's Collection of Friends' will meet on the last weekend of July, 25-27. Plan on coming the whole weekend or as long as you can...Still researching locations...Ideas for me to research? We (Eldest/Admin and I) are working on an 'agenda'; one that is loose enough for me but organized and efficient as well.....Workshops and Free Time...Give me some topics that I can add to the mix, ok?

3. If you haven't checked out the Craft Hope Button to the right, please do. The organizers will be taking more crafts to sell for Haiti in a few weeks. A great response by both crafters and buyers have accumulated a good deal to send to the decimated area. All money from each purchase goes to Haiti Relief. I will be listing several purses when in two weeks.

4. If you are near Bloomington Indiana, you could be interested in a Childbirth Conference sponsored by Christian Doulas in that area. Lots of info and child related crafts will be available as well. Yours truly will have a booth and selling some of my Vivien tested creations. March 27th, Church of the Good Shepherd, 1-5. More on that as creations are created!!

5. (Just because I can't just have 4 points; 5 is much more tidy, right?) A Huge THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those that have let me know that they are enjoying my crazy ramblings....I recently took a personality test and it indicated that I am introverted; imagine that! But expressing my thoughts via writing has always been my outlet..To SHARE them is new for me and to find that they can be enjoyed by others, has truly been a joy...

6. Okay. I did have a five; but ending with 6 is more my style, right? If any of you has a hankering for making quilts but just don't know how to start, click on Randi's 'I have to say' on my blog list on the right) for step by step quilting instructions. She has done a grand job on breaking it down for the most utter novice. Randi also sells fabric in her etsy shop, fresh squeezed fabrics...Beautiful things! I just purchased a luxurious amount for the above mentioned Childbirth Conference. (see #4 :D) Check it out and let me know if you've joined the quilting challenge!

Onward to the Art Gallery Week......

Thank you for your kind attention to the Housekeeping portion of this blog....!:D


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