Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Rude!

Cannot believe I failed to share Miss Vivien's 'Wee Wonderfuls' 'Chloe' Dolly!!!
Christmas's deadlines kept me from completing her..(wanted her just right, so I kept her for my Eldest/Admin Birthday Trip last week....

Isn't she a hoot?
She has a dress made of vintage fabric from good ol' Pauline Hill's abundant collection that I scored at an auction last fall....
Undies made from an old pillowcase.
This dolly, renamed, CoryAnne, by Eldest/Admin, does not have alopecia, unlike the first Chloe I made for Gracie....In fact, CoryAnne has abundant hair, thank you very much.....

Bet you're wondering what's in the swanky Amy Butler fabric bag next to CoryAnne?
Well, in my haste to truck it off to Eldest/Admin for her birthday, I neglected (I know! Right?? Ridiculous!) to photograph her very festive Happy Birthday banner (thank you Soule Mama!) Made it out of all her favorite and a few unknown fabrics. Used shiny gold satin for the letters for the festivity of it all...Bells on the proper Amy Butlered Storage bag, for more festivity. We do so love a celebration!
Don't tell my other children, but I do believe each one of them shall receive one this year. New Year's goal.....

Oh yes! Both items are resting on ALL the coupons that I delivered to 'Miss I Am the Deal With Coupons'...She is amazing, she and Lavender Becca rule in Coupon Land in Cincinnati....New Sunday night ritual: Watch Masterpiece Theatre while clipping coupons for the Wizard of Bargains.......

Again, apologies for not sharing CoryAnne and for forgetting to photograph the Birthday Banner...It's really cute.....I could blame it on Post Holiday Stress Disorder, but I already told you that my holidays were almost catatonic so that won't work....

Ah well...What can I say....?


  1. CoryAnne-its perfect. :)

    I loved watching both of these crafts come together, almost effortlessly! Except for the sewing of the triangles on the wrong side and backwards letters. haha! So fun!
    I wont tell the other syblings, and I will act as if I didn't read that part. But I know I wont be able to because I am super duper excited!!!!!!!! hehe :)

  2. Forget to take a picture?!? Doesn't that always seem to happen to us Cory's... we take millions of pictures of others, but we forget ourselves at the most important time... (can you tell I'm still dealing with the disappointment of the missing "Cory Family" picture at my wedding... *geez*...)

    I will take a picture of the GLORIOUS banner when I get a free moment... did I say free? I meant a less than insane moment ;)

  3. Btw... Vivien still gets all excited and does her "Ooooo" thing when she finds/sees her CoryAnne... tooooooo adorable... I love it!!!!!!!!


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