Saturday, January 30, 2010

Purposeful Purple Panties

Funny Story:
I'm with my daughter in Cincinnati, at a trendy eco/mama kinda store.
Wonderful, wonderful things but like all such, pricey as well.
Eldest/Admin sees some felted fruit/veggies for bambinos that she just loves.
There is even some grapes made out of a softer material, like a cotton knit. These grapes have the sweetest faces on them and my daughter just melts.
Meanwhile, this is what's going in my mind:
Years ago, a young friend stayed with me with her tiny infant. Lots of packing and laundry for the young mama and something was bound to get left behind. After all was said and done, the only thing that was left was a pair of post partum purple panties. By the time the young mama got home, far away, they probably were already too big for her.
But being the practical person I am, I placed these in the bottom of my drawer.
Now I forget a lot of things.
People's names, things I am to do, birthdays, anniversaries etc.
But for some reason, I remembered the knit and color of the purple panties that were stowed away in the back of my drawers.
When I saw the beloved grapes, I immediately knew that the color and type of knit of those hidden undies would be the perfect little sweet faced grapes for Miss Vivien.
The week I got back home from my Vivieland Visit, I excavated my chest of drawers to find....'TA DA'! The perfect grape material..!
And here it is in process:

And here is Violet G. Grape!
Vivien's first of many stuffed fruit/veggies I think...

Another Repurposeful Success!
Think carefully before you throw things away, especially nice fabric on any type of clothes...
Fun, fun things can be had from the strangest of items....!


  1. Dear purple panties... you have become something so creative and sweet! No one could have known what you would bcome. I just love these grapes! Sooo cute!!!!!!!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I am seriously laughing my BUTT OFF right now!!!!! And Vivien is sleeping, and I'm laughing out loud... you KNOW it's gotta be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG... Violet G Grape is absolutely the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen... MUCH better than the Nile Fruit... OMG... my heart is melting and melting... I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank God for used panties... hahahahahahahahaha... ...

  3. Ok... so Jon thinks these are "Way Cool" so you now have "Vivien's daddy's" approval... doesn't that say it all!?!?!!!!!

    perfection in its cuteness just like our dear Miss Vivien!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
    love the re-using of someone elses old underwear. only you, or me haha, would ever do that. hahahahaha!!!!!!


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