Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Things

1. Wake up at 4am because your aged body sometimes forgets that it's the weekend. Take advantage of this time to read your Sunday School lesson.
2. Return to bed and wake up at a much more congenial time of 8:30am to walk Miss Dixie before a double header of History Detectives comes on our PBS station. Our favorite show. Slightly addictive and very informative.
3. Go to ReGeneration to purchase a big chest of drawers that I saw in the window on above mentioned walk with The Dixie. Became sad that it had already sold. Sigh. Talk The Hubby into going into the store anyway and lo and behold, there was the most wonderful pair of small people benches! Very sturdy and very grandchildren ready. Poppy could envision crafting a table to go with for his little grand progeny.
In the Land Rover they go.
4. Come home to store above mentioned benches into the Holding Room that is our garage (Has it ever seen one of our cars? Hah!) and remind him to bring in The Rocker for Vivie's next visit and a box of grammy books that were placed in the rafters long ago.
Noticed that "someone" had left a strand of stickers on the arm of the chair.
Know anything about this, Baby Girl? Hmmmmmmm?

This forty year old rocker had it's beginnings in my family over 40 years ago, when Most Valued Brother in Law dug it out of the garbage for his 'baby' (Now forty years old!) Garbaging; a long established pattern in my family!

And today was the day Hubby and I decided to start on the kitchen Moderate Remodel. New counters and flooring are needed and cabinets should get a new coat before they look shabby in light of newsy things.

5. Clean up, go do some Saturday Shopping then out for a bite.
Where you ask? My kids know! Ha! Do you belong to the Steak and Shake Club?

Relaxing/Productive Saturdays.....


  1. *YAY* for the rocking chair and *YAY-YAY* for the books... can't wait for the next visit... Vivien and her Mama will thoroughly enjoy it all!!!

    Can't wait to see how the kitchen comes along... very exciting!!!

  2. HAHAHHAHAA!!!!! I saw that picture, and I thought "I think I remember putting those on there! For decorating of course!" hahahaha!!!!! Hope you can get them off! Vivie might not appreciate my "decor". lol....


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