Thursday, January 21, 2010

Midwinter's Night Dreams

Doesn't this about say it all?
The mid winter blahs. Post holidays, pre spring, gray, dark and drear..

What to do, what to do, what to do.....
Here's what Hubby and I have been doing this week..
Going to bed early!
Last night found us with a sniffy, post H1N1 vaccination Hubby, kinda sorta achy and scratchy throaty from Monday's injection.
So after the dinner things were cleared, we looked at each other and said, Why Not?
Hubby hit the bed and watched his favorite, favorite Bit O Fluff, 'Cars' while I shuttled back and forth from the sewing room, finishing up hand sewing on a few projects.
Miss Dixie was clearly happy(?) to have us nearby and not running in different directions..
Gray and dreary turned into comfy, cozy, cheery!

And then! The piece de resistance!
A new Anne Tyler book scooped up from the library yesterday!!!
Her newest title in several years, long awaited by me, her best fan! (I believe I have read them all!) Couldn't believe I arrived at the library at just the right time to pick up it's shining new January 2010 stamp...!
Ah! Get Hubby tucked in, turn off his TV, cuddle down into my bankies and read till my eyes cannot stay open another minute....

Winter bliss....

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  1. Me and my hubby have been having the same grey, dark early, dreary nights, trying to think of different ways to fill them...last night, we met our dear favorite newly wed couple friends at a coffee shop. We got so quickly into precious deep conversation that we didn't even get a chance to get any hot beverages. HA! Suddenly a hour and a half had past and it was our favorite friends bed time. Landon's too, but big-eyed-night-owl self was ready for the night to begin! So we got home and decided to have our routine big glass of chocolate milk to share when Landon exclaimed "PLANET EARTH!" We had not watched one from our copy since we had gotten it. SOO.. with great excitement, I hurried into my jammies while hubby popped some fresh popcorn on the stove. We then cuddled up in bed and enjoyed our wonderful salty-sweet duo of chocolate milk and popcorn. Then as followed, I knew that the remaining touch was a couple slices of cheddar cheese. Then, brushed our teeth and fell asleep to the sounds of the rain forest in each others arms...I think we too are going to make it through this dreary numb part of the year with every bit of enjoyment....


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