Tuesday, January 5, 2010

(mama's) collection of Ideas

It always happens.
When the New Year hits, I am hit with creative urges.
Whether it is the habit I had of removing the Christmas Tree the very next morning after Christmas Day, dusting, vacuuming and rearranging furniture to starting new house projects the week between Dec 25 and January 1, there is something invigorating to me about a new start.

This 'new' idea I've had for some time, but I wanted to wait till 'after the holidays' to bring it up...

So here it is.

I want to instigate a Women's Craft/Spiritual/Fun Retreat.
I want to learn your craft and hear of your disciplines.
I want to share my talents and philosophies (Yeah, that's a crowd pleaser!) with you.
I want to go to a nice state park where there are cabins and good views.
I want it to be financially feasible for everybody.
I want it to be uproariously fun.
I want small children with good manners (!) and nursing babies to come along.
I want good, healthy food to accompany the fun seekers.
I want to discuss God in our lives.
I want to share joys, fears, doubts and yarn. And Fabric.
I want relationships to be forged and galvanized so that it becomes a yearly excursion.
I want to learn. And teach.
I want your input.

Could you leave a comment or an email and let me know what you think?
Can you give me thoughts about you would like to see in this kind of retreat?
Can you tell me how long you could invest in this kind of adventure?
Can you tell me how much you could invest in cash? (park reservations, cabin rental, food)
Can you tell what would keep you from coming to something like this?
Could you tell me how far you would journey to make this happen?

I am excited at the prospect that this could happen this summer/fall!

I am overwhelmed and so impressed by the skills of so many young women. So many young mama's with such nurturing hearts towards their children. So many young women committed to their hubbys and their call as Godly wives. Such a gift to this culture and society. I want to meet you all and learn from you all.

Please let me hear from you.
Please let me thank you for all the kind notes and words of encouragement that I have received since I started this journey.
It is because you are special and unique that God has compelled me to encourage you daily.
He loves you and compels me.
There is hope.
There is joy.

Write me; let me hear from you.......


  1. I love this idea! A long weekend seems an appropriate amount of time, depending on the location... Less than 4 or 5 hours away would be ideal. I think loose structure of activities, prayer, projects, eating, laughing, recipe swapping, nature observing.... ooh! I'm getting excited already! What a great idea! Something new to look forward to.

  2. Love it! love it! Can't wait! I second the long weekend... or even making the most of a Friday am until Saturday late night... everyone can make it home for Sunday plans with hubbies. I like the big dorm rooms at McCormicks Creek State Park... cheap to rent, and the creeks and trails there are just UH Mazing! Sounds like so much fun! They have a restaurant there, but each woman bringing a dish and making it pot luck sounds awesme too! Pot luck weekend... pot luck yarns...fabrics...hikes... recipes...advice..food...friendships!

  3. I would LOVE this! Time away make me a better mom, wife, woman. I like the pot luck idea! I would say preferably not more than 50 bucks and 2/3 hr drive... friday- sat might be nice, but I could easily be convinced of longer ;)

  4. it's sara schloss. and this sounds fabulous. I would love to come. I would be willing to cook while there as well.

    i miss you mama cory.

  5. It was so nice to have met you this past week. I'm sure you loved visiting with your little, happy grandchild. She is such a doll.

    I would love to do an overnight or a long day at a park with other moms and babies. It sounds so lovely, especially with the weather being so dreary these last few days.

    I would be happy to bring some food along. I'm a "strict" vegetarian, so I could bring some veg foods.

    I'm thinking one night away as opposed to the entire weekend is probably more realistic for us. And probably not too far away, either. My husbands parents live in Indianapolis, so the Indianapolis area is also feasible for me.

    Thanks for trying to coordinate a get together...


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