Friday, January 22, 2010

A Major WIP

I have been working on a book for almost seven years.
Not day to day laboriously, painstakingly just casually and sporadically.
My goal was to get down for permanence, my thoughts and practical suggestions on this wonder of parenting.
For some amazing reason known only to our Heavenly Father, this completely inexperienced, scared, unmotherly woman, became enraptured with the nurturing of four pretty wonderful progeny.
Go figure.
A God thing, for sure.
In my travels as a mentor, discipler, encourager, similiar thoughts were shared again and again. I found myself speaking of ideas and thoughts that I thought were common to all only to find that perhaps it was as unique as the call to motherhood that I surprisingly had.
Again, go figure.

I guess it was only expected that one day, on my porch swing, Community Friend asked me, 'so Deb, when are you going to write your book?'
The question did not even get answered, I was that taken aback. The question that did come out was, 'What in the world would I write about? What would anyone want to read from me?'
It became an interesting question that I posed to several of my friends, (and people waiting in line with me at stores..) actually, anyone that listened, I asked.
Apparently, the overwhelming response was: Write about being a mom.

So in the most ignorant of attempts at writing, I set out and managed a smallish tome about the day to day of mothering. I wanted to go further but came to a stop. I had several friends edit and critique and then I showed Most Interesting and Loving Friend this last summer on her visit.
She brilliantly suggested that I take the small bits that I have written and publish a small book, a gift book, to be given at baby showers and for new moms or older moms that need a boost of encouragement.
At the present, I am rewriting, preparing it for Most Interesting and Loving Friend to go over it with a fine tooth comb, all those tenses that I tend to confuse.

The whole experience has been cathartic and eye opening. In reviewing my children's childhood, I get a view of God's faithfulness and His enormous gift of Motherhood to this nervous, anxious, worrisome weakling. Nothing like a child to turn us into tigers, brave and courageous. Nothing like the hug of a child to fill your heart to the brim and be eager to share that with this love deprived world.

I may have been a capable mama, (capable also of rages, pouts and screaming) but I also was an ardent student of the gentle, loving personages that are known as my beloved children. They taught me more about my relationship to my own Heavenly Father than any book could dare show me. They taught me what I was made of and what I was capable of. They taught me the delight of self sacrifice when that sacrifice involved pure love.

I hope you'll enjoy the book.
Keep after me so I am disciplined enough to follow through to the finish.


  1. Ya hoo! I am so excited to see this book come to fruition!! What amazing things to share with the young moms and how great to make this dream tangible. So inspiring.

  2. Ooh, I love that idea! Can't wait to read what you've learned! Have to tell you--I've enjoyed reading your testimony too--how beautiful the way the LORD saved you, changed you, and has made you a joyful, sweet person. I also would love to meet you for a day at McCormick's Creek this summer--I'll stay posted for any details of up and coming plans!
    In Christ's Love,
    Rachel C. from church

  3. I hope that you have the book published by the time Landon and I have children. Any attempts at being the amazing mama you have been to me for 22 years I will hold onto for dear life...Love you. Forever and always.


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