Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grant Goodness

I had an orange lunch today.
My buddy Grant set the table. He found my cobalt blue plates on the shelf in the dining room and decided that we needed to use them. Good choice, Grant. Orange and blue; highly complementary on the color wheel. Grant was pretty sure that he should have his milk in the blue willow tea cup. I agreed. He poured it carefully from his little cup. Grant will be three in March.

After my visit with Miss Viv last week, I decided I needed some magnetic letters for her next visit. Cracked them open to let Grant have at them in his usual academic ways. He had alphabetized them in a twinkling. He told me the color of each letter as well. Grant will be three in two months.

We had grilled cheese, oranges, steamed carrots and Cheetos. (Cmon! Ya gotta have some fun!) Grant kept to good manners, using a fork with his Cheetos as well as his carrots! Good lunch.

Of course, we had to visit the library. It is only 198 steps from my home. As we descended my front steps, Grant reminded me: 'Nana, you need to hold my hand.' Advised.
Good library visit. Two Frog and Toad books and one Fox book. I found them on the shelf and he read the titles to me. Grant will be three in two months. We picked up a video, Tales of Desperaux; he watched two minutes of it. We watched at least the first 15 minutes of at least 5 videos. To his concentrating credit, he did sit through the entire reading of five books. One which he helped me read by pointing out important words.

What a fun day we had!
Next week: Gracie's turn!


  1. So funny you count the steps to the library! I counted too. It was 187 from my house! I always told people that is the main reason I bought that house, it was sooo close to the library!

  2. One of mine too!! That and the wonderful neighbor!!!!

  3. Grant stories are always amazing! 3 in 2 months?!? Come on... what an amazing little man... with such an amazing mama!!! ;)


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