Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artful Fun

Am I rare or do I have an unusual collection of artistic friends?
As I started to document the original art in my home, I was pretty surprised at the amount. And I see it every day!
Maybe it's because once they start to create, I set out to beg and borrow (have not stole...yet) pieces of their unique work.
I just love it.
Go ahead. Ask your people for pieces of their art. Offer to buy it. It is an encouragement to their craft and your home will be more friendly and warm because of it.
Peruse My Gallery of Talented People That I Happen to Know.

Below is two pieces of art that my incredibly prolific and talented friend who just happens to be 90 years old, created. She painted these for me years ago and she was a mere 81. And they have stories to make the gift more precious. Christmases ago, I coveted a grand amarylis at the grocery store. Candy cane; vibrant red and smelling like earth in the midst of a cold grey December. Sadly, the budget that year did not allow such frou-frou, especially for oneself at Christmas time.
The very next day that I saw the beauteous bloom, what should arrive in the mail but the top painting in the photo below! A candy cane amarylis that would not fade or cost me my budget. It was an amazing gift from my dear, dear friend who could not of possibly known, or had the time to create it, in time to answer my heart's desire. A God-thing.
The second art gift from her, the painting on the bottom, is one she sent us the year that we had moved away from her. How could she possibly know that the centerpiece of our community is our lovely state park, Spring Mill, home of a still functioning mill. I gasped when I unwrapped it. It was like she had seen it for herself...
Precious things...

The pencil sketch of Baby Girl as a Baby Girl was done by my incredibly talented and wonderfully diverse son-in-law known as Baby Girl's Hubby.
He labored over this likeness for quite awhile and I believe he won an award for it at an art show at the high school.
This one I did beg him for.
And he graciously gave in.
Thank you my dear renaissance, intelligent, loving and talented Son In Law!

Years ago, before budget cuts, our lovely library had many extracurricular activities for dabblers like me to take part in. I took a concrete garden ornament class, poetry, financial planning and my favorite, Oil Painting.
It was incredibly fun and full of drawing, sketching, painting information taught by a local artist, David Fields.
Every time I look at the two paintings below, I smile remembering that fun 8 weeks of discovering a new artistic outlet.

The next three pieces came from a young friend that I have known since she was 6 months old. You can visit her new artistic endeavors when you click on her blog, KroStudio. She partakes in about every crafting/art venue that there is including writing her own knitting and crocheting patterns. A genius. I did indeed beg the original print of her fruit study and she added a print of the companion just to make me happy. At the time, her mama didn't even possess one of her originals. :D
She also does these amazing pencil studies. She sent me this budded hyacinth in rememberence of her mother's vast collection of hyacinths, tulips and daffodils in their front yard, two doors from us for many years.
The landscape was a Christmas present several years ago. She knew from being a little girl down the street from me, that I love to collect art. She was one of the little artist that frequently had artwork taped to my kitchen walls...

I do not care how rare art is nor do famous names impress me; things like this little piece just warms my heart in it's careful elocution of the tiny, tiny pieces of paper. Baby Girl did this little ditty in junior high and it's one of my favs.
I can just picture her clipping the tiny pieces and carefully placing in the right place. It's that kind of detail that makes her so good with graphics/photos today.

And Eldest/Admin has an artistic side to her that runs through her, deep and detailed. She made this oil painting in a crafting project with some friends years ago. I love the color and size and textures. Eldest/Admin keeps her color palette pretty subdued and classic, but inside she is so these colors! Eldest/admin is effusive and detailed; great combination!

Tomorrow: Crafting in Your Home!!

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