Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to Purse Making!

Thanks to RP-New Friend, mama's collection has created a new bag!
Eldest/Admin had me design a purse survey that has been a useful tool in my sewing room.
RP-New Friend simply filled out the survey, gave it to me at church and pointed out some flaws in her current purse, and I was on my way back to Purse Groove (having been distracted, oh so pleasantly, by the things of the holiday season and other nearly one year old 'things'....
One quick visit to Joanne's provided some swell suiting material on sale and lining that was a fine cotton that had a 40% off coupon...Yessssss.
Soon, I was home, plotting, planning and cutting....Ahhhhh, the groove...

The suiting fabric was a different sort of medium but pleasantly agreeable.
It always helps me to have music or an audio book for my sewing endeavors. This purse was my Anne Tyler's Amateur Marriage book.

Two big inside pockets, one external one. One big zippered pocket inside and an old earring repurposed into duty to a shiny zipper pull. Two big buttons on the handle sides and two vintage buttons covering the velcro closure to add to the suiting look.

To be delivered on Wednesday...
Wonder how much tweeking I can do on it till then.....?

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  1. Yay for finding your "purse groove" but of course I don't mind the distractions!!!!!! ;)


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