Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sabbath Things

" Behold how very good it is, A pleasant thing to see; When brothers join to live as one In peace and unity! Psalm 133: 1

Rainy gray Sunday.
Time to go to church and worship corporately.
Time to sing Psalms and hear His Word and learn how to utilize it in our lives.
Good stuff. Infusion.

And time to eat!
Once a month, we share a lunch before an afternoon service that takes the place of an evening gathering.
And we ate well.
Good food for the soul and the tummy.
There is a reason, you know, why Jesus told many parables referring to food.
It is the foundation of most things in life. The impetus and the enjoyment.
And today it was beautiful as well.
Photo worthy.
Then, a quick late supper of Spinach, Broccoli, Cheese, Red Pepper Omelet.
Good Feeding today!

Coming This Week:
The Art Gallery Visit!
Crafting in Your Home: Just What Do You Do With It All?
Stories Behind the Photos
And more.......

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