Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meringue Matters

Last Monday, I hosted my monthly meeting of the Fleur de lis Ladies. It was a smallish group that day, but nonetheless, entertaining as always, and full of instruction for me...

For this meeting, I made an Old Fashioned Sour Cream Raisin Pie, Neighbor Dorothy's Heavenly Carmel Cake, and Naomi's Cheese Pimento Spread (the last two from Fannie Flagg's books)
I thoroughly enjoy entertaining my Fleur Gals and really wanted to make a special treat for them.
Why in the world I thought that with my horrible history with meringue, a meringue topped pie should be my choice, is beyond me. I guess it was a moment of complete dufus competence.

So my ladies got to be extra gracious this month, while crunching my way over beaten eggs, yet rich raisin pie innards.
One thing that happened due to this debacle, the Wisdom of the Ages appeared and gave me varied Meringue Tips that I quickly wrote down for further Adventures in Meringue.
Thanks to Ruth (age 92), Joyce (near 70?), Priscilla (age 80) and Jennie Lee's fun laughter at my pitiful attempts at meringue, for making it a grand meeting....

What I Learned About Making Meringue:
1. Use extra fine sugar if possible (maybe powdered sugar?)
2. Eggs should be at room temperature
3. If by chance, you get some yolk in your egg whites (which, of course, I did), use the shell to gather it up; works like a straw (I used a spoon; fought it all the way..)
4. If all else fails, use 2 tbs marshmallow creme to make it stand up pretty
5. Big mistake I made: Cold, cold for whipping cream; room temp for eggs....Got it backwards, hence, crunchy meringue....

May you be blessed as you make the Merriest of Meringue for you next To-Do....

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  1. Wow, what a smorgasbord of calories!!! Great tips on the meringues too. Isn't it wonderful that the wisdom of experience can be passed on.
    Thanks for visiting me, it's always nice to "meet" new people!


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