Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reporting In...*sigh*

Back in Mitchell.
Thrilled to see Hubby and Youngest Son.
And Dixie.
Having a dog greet you after an absence is a fun thing. Like her oxygen was just delivered.
Love to be back in my home with all it's absurdity.
Oh my. What I left..
The picture below shows the simplicity of my week.
A little girl and her family, learning each day new things, about each other and about how a ten month old sees the world.
Each day, new things that we take for granted but a baby sees as fresh and exciting.
A shot in the arm for those of jaded years.
Then to have the joy of meeting several new lives, well, I do believe I have reduced my accumulation of years by many, many months!

Hubby and I traveled to Cincinnati following some snow and awoke to more on the Sunday there...
No matter. Warm and cozy and relaxing watching The Grandaughter remember Grammy and Poppy...

Nothing like Vivien to inspire some creativity...Shouldn't we make CoryAnne, the new dolly that I brought her, a dolly of her own? Thanks to Kris for the fun material!

And shouldn't we go to the Thrift Store that Becca told us about, on Monday where everything is 25 percent off? Shouldn't we buy all the old school toys for Vivien's future endeavors? Shouldn't we buy 31 items for 34 dollars? Shouldn't we have a riot doing so?
Yes, we should.

Pretty sure I should measure the summer outfit for The Girlie on her...Pretty sure she will love the Owlie Material purchased with Aunty Baby Girl on her last visit...

A trip to Joanne Fabrics is a must on each visit.
1. It's close by.
2. It's brand new.
3. The staff loves Vivien.
4. All Christmas Decor was 90 percent off.
And not your typical cast off crumbs. No siree. Top notch stuff. See the cart. Full to the brim.
A Debbie Mumm snowman (see him in the cart?), 100.00 for 10.00 for Miss Vivien's second Christmas next year.
Oh we had fun there. A book on crocheting food for Eldest/Admin. A wonderful book on sewing for babies/toddlers for Newly Adopted Daughter Kris.
And we had 40 percent off coupons too.
Uh huh.

Miss Viv hates food.
Coming from a family that thinks, acts, breathes based on our next meal, our Little Miss is quite skeptical of this thing called solid food.
Despite Grammy's best effort to make it appealing and fun, she nixed the whole idea.
Her mama has a nifty little Foodifier that sneaks banana (but not carrots; she was on to mama by then) into her cynical little mouth.
Under the table is another story.
Like a teenager smoking behind the garage, our Little Character found big fun in snarfing the crumbs left behind the last foodathon by her Big People and her little buddy, Will.

So not all our Thrift shop scores worked out.
Vivie's Papa had some shirts that didn't work out.
So is that a bust? Oh no, she says. Let us repurpose. Let us make two stocking hats and a pair of pants for some little person, ala Made by Rae's last summer post.
Good, good idea. And both Will and Viv looked adorable....for three seconds..(did I mention that Vivien dislikes head coverings almost as much as food?)

Wednesday is La Leche meeting day.
Got to meet an amazing assortment of loving mamas. Young women bent on giving their little one's a good start in this crazy world. Loved meeting all of Eldest/Admin's lovely friends....
Knew about them from Eldest/Admin but getting to meet them and their little ones, was quite a treat.
And Vivien thought that all these ladies and their progeny, were meeting for her! Miss Social visited her friends and willingly gave a smile to those not so well known.
She even played a rousing game of Peek Through the Little Blue Chair with two adorable boy type friends.
She giggled and smiled and played like quite the girly girl.
Loved it.

After La Leche, it was only fitting that we go to First Watch and involve ourselves in some serious breakfast/lunchy type good good food.
With two babies that were nap deprived, this was going to be good.
But thanks to pretty quick service, good mothering on Eldest/Admin and Newly Adopted Daughter, things went well....
Fun times.
Sleep Deprived Vivien proved the trooper she is by embarking on a TJ Maxx extravaganza after First Watch.
Grammy hit some great deals and Miss Viv kept her sweet self highly amused with a bright yellow package of cocktail napkins.
Shouldn't she have some new books for such good behavior?
Of course...

Poppy thought that our growing girl needed some new jammies. Ones with doggies on them would be novel; a break from the pinks that most baby girl's get inundated with...(even though her papa did request, early on, that we tone down on the pink...His favorite: Crazy Dee's green and brown polka dots....)
I loved my play time with the Quick Witted Little Lovely....
Here we were playing whilst mama grabbed some extra zzzz after a bumpy, pre walking night....
Gladly. Two hours of heaven; playing, laughing, learning and Viv instigated cuddling session...Is it really Thursday and I have to leave her????

So here we are at the half way point, North Vernon Indiana.
Lunch with Unca Jordan while Grammy tries to figure out how to pack her in the car quickly....
Alas, I know her mama would chase us down the highway without benefit of car if she had to, she's that good of a mommy.....
So we get in our last hugs and smoochies and say till next time(month)
Don't forget me Vivie....We have more fun to make.....


  1. Ah! this kills me and over joys me at the same time!!!!
    Is there a way that we can all live on the same block and live where we all want to live and see each other as much or little as we want?!?! could there be such a perfect living situation????!!!!!!
    if so, lets start planning.... :) I can dream cant I?!

  2. What an absolutely fabulous time we had... again! Visits with Grammy go by WAY toooo fast!

    What a wonderful blog documenting the whirlwind of a wonderful week... come back SOOOONNN!!!!!!!



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